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1/14/15 – Drew University Students for Justice in Palestine was one of the signatories of a statement entitled “Say No to Faithwashing: Boycott Muslim Leadership Initiative,” which falsely accuses Israel of “ethnic cleansing” and “apartheid,” and pledges commitment to “the BDS call.”


In the News ?

September 29, 2016:
The Algemeiner – Legal Expert: Controversy Surrounding Israeli Radical Miko Peled Serves as Jew-Hatred Litmus Test for Anti-Israel Groups

September 21, 2016:
Miko Peled Press Release – Student Government Statement on Miko Peled
(Description note, “Today, activist Miko Peled will speak on campus, hosted by Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). Students have been expressing concern over social media, to their elected representatives, and throughout campus regarding anti-semitic comments Mr. Peled posted on Twitter. A number of students have expressed discomfort and anger surrounding his speaking engagement… While Student Government supports the right to freedom of speech, and encourages campus-wide dialogue, we condemn an event where students feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. The Undergraduate Student Government of Drew University aspires to see wide and inclusive discussions of differing opinions; not ones that are rooted in perceived bigotry.”)

September 21, 2016:
The Algemeiner – Anti-Israel Group at Drew U Upholds Invitation to Host Israeli Radical Tweeting Antisemitic Rhetoric

September 25, 2015: ADL – University Departments Sponsor Key BDS Advocates (Description note, “In addi­tion, a Sep­tem­ber 16 pre­sen­ta­tion at Drew Uni­ver­sity by Bassem Tamimi, a Pales­tin­ian anti-Israel activist who has been arrested in Israel sev­eral times, was co-sponsored by the Mid­dle East Stud­ies Depart­ment”)


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