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  • March 2015, Jewish DePaul Student (Sarah) – “I felt like I was being undervalued and attacked on my own campus,” Read more
  • June 2014, Jewish DePaul Student (Caleb) – “When people say that Israel does not have a right to exist and does not have the right to protect its citizens, that makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable on this campus as a Jew and as a supporter of Israel. I think the message is more anti-Semitic than anti-Zionist.” Read more
  • May 2014, Jewish DePaul Student (Rachel) – “About two months ago when SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) started the ‘DePaul Divest’ campaign, I no longer felt safe on this campus and I no longer felt I could be a proud Jewish student.” Read more
  • May 2014, Jewish DePaul Student (Rachel) – “This entire campaign and entire sit-in going on in the SAC (Schmitt Academic Center) is totally unsafe for Jewish students and I have had a lot of Jewish students text me and call me today and tell me they are not comfortable walking through that part of our campus, which is really disheartening” Read more
  • May 2014, Jewish DePaul Student (Ally) – “I do…feel as a Jewish student that I am being targeted on campus. I feel that… I am constantly on the defensive on campus. I have to defend myself, my Judaism, my pride in Israel every day and it’s getting…exhausting.” Read more

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    5/18/16 – SJP posted a press release that demonized and delegitimized Israel and called on DePaul University to, “stop welcoming zionism to our institutions.” The press release expressed anger at an Israeli art exhibit on campus stating that an exhibit on Israel, “disguises the active apartheid settler colonial state of Israel.” The press release further stated that there is “nothing Vincentian, humane or productive about showing the figure of Catholicism engaging with zionists.”
    3/25/16 – An antisemitic flier was distributed to networked printers and fax machines at locations on campus. The flier had swastikas and said, “White Man are you Sick and Tired of the Jews Destroying Your Country through Mass Immigration and Degeneracy? Join Us in the Struggle for Global White Supremacy at the Daily Stormer.”
    1/29/18 – The SJP President was interviewed for an article in the student paper, where she is quoted making demonizing and delegitimizing statements, including that Israel “is massacring thousands of Palestinians and is trying to ethnically cleanse an entire population…SJP stands with BDS which is Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions that is a campaign against these atrocities of the apartheid state of Israel.”
    5/11/17 – SJP held a small demonstration on campus explaining their participation in the “Salt Water Challenge” that included a large banner saying, “Because: Arresting activists & children, forcing confessions, and physical sexual abuse in prison is what Israeli apartheid looks like.”
    DELEGITIMIZATION 5/8/17 – SJP held the delegitimizing event “Wall to Wall: Life Under Israeli Apartheid” in the quad so students could “learn about Israeli apartheid.”
    CONDONING TERRORISM 2/3/15 – SJP organized a fundraiser for convicted terrorist Rasmea Yousef Odeh.
    1/14/15 – Students for Justice in Palestine, DePaul was one of the signatories of a statement entitled “Say No to Faithwashing: Boycott Muslim Leadership Initiative,” which falsely accuses Israel of “ethnic cleansing” and “apartheid,” and pledges commitment to “the BDS call.”
    BDS ACTIVITY: CALLS FOR BDS 5/14/18 – An open letter in the campus paper called on the board of Trustees to open up its investment portfolio in connection with a past BDS vote. The open letter stated, ” In 2014, the DePaul University administration was petitioned by pro-Palestine students to divest from pro-Israel investments, amidst opposition from pro-Israel lobbyists on campus. Even though the vote was successful in pulling funds from these causes, the board of trustees still maintains the confidentiality of their investment portfolio. Though this is within the university’s legal rights, a university that claims to be morally driven should – on principle – make their morally consequential behavior public to be held accountable for said behavior.”
    CALLS FOR BDS 1/20/15 – DePaul Divests announced that it was re-launching its divestment campaign at DePaul.


    In the News ?

    May 14, 2018:
    The DePaulia – Open letter to the DePaul Board of Trustees: Make your investment profile public

    January 31, 2018:
    The DePaulia – Pro-Israel and pro-Palestine groups on campus don’t see eye to eye

    November 16, 2016:
    Town Hall – Ben Shapiro Asks DePaul Security Guards: Chicago Has 4000 Shootings, Why Are You Worried About a 5’9″ Jewish Guy?

    November 16, 2016:
    Legal Insurrection – DePaul: Fundraiser for Terrorist Welcome, Ben Shapiro Not Welcome

    August 11, 2016:
    The Daily Wire – Detroit News: DePaul Ban Could Be Anti-Semitic

    August 10, 2016:
    The Detroit News – The anti-Semitic face of political correctness

    February 26, 2016:
    JUF News – Anti-Israel protestors disrupt, threaten human rights speaker on local campuses
    (Description note – “Eid was confronted by hostile protestors at all three of his campus lectures. At University of Chicago, the lecture was shut down after police had to remove a protestor for hostile behavior; at DePaul University, activists were removed for shouting curse words at Eid in Arabic; and at Northwestern University, Eid cancelled the event after seeing the same protestors in the audience, saying that it would not be productive for him to speak.”)

    February 11, 2016:
    EVENT – Love Under Occupation
    (Description note, “Give your Valetinine’s day a global perspective and join SJP DePaul and DePaul Divest with a film screening of “Omar” (2013 Oscar winning foreign film) followed with a critical discussion/reflection of the ongoing occupation in Palestine.”)

    May 24, 2015: The DePaulia – DePaul Divest: One year later

    May 7, 2015: The DePaulia – DePaul Feminist Front contraceptive initiative knocked off SGA ballot (Description note, “Last year, the DePaul Divest initiative divided the campus into pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli camps as Student For Justice in Palestine sought to convince the university to divest its funds from companies that do business with the Israeli government and military. While the measure passed with a 54 percent affirmation, divestment was never seriously considered as the university’s Fair Business Practices Committee voted it down in January.”)

    April 26, 2015: The DePaulia – DePaul Feminist Front petitions for contraception on SGA ballot (Description note, “Last year, DePaul students cast their vote on an issue that landed on the ballot via the same route DFF is taking now. As SGA announced election results, the Students for Justice in Palestine gathered outside Arts and Letters with tears and shrieks of joy for a successful campaign that they hoped would influence DePaul administrators to divest from Israeli corporations that SJP claimed were benefitting from the harm of Palestinians. However, one year later, many question whether or not it carried any weight at all in the talks leading up to the decision by the Fair Business Practices Committee to continue preexisting business partnerships. Knight says that the lack of policy change on this specific case is no indication of a failure to take student-passed referenda seriously. “The Fair Business Practices Committee of faculty, staff and students met at length to consider the referendum and discovered that the facts on the ground did not support divestment in that specific case,” she said. “But they gave the referendum great attention and respect as they considered the facts. Universities don’t make decisions by politicized votes, but only after thoughtful investigation and consideration by a knowledgeable, representative group.”)

    April 1, 2015: The ADL released a study that showed that 50% of all anti-Israel events in Illinois are held on three campuses: Loyola, DePaul and Northwestern.

    April 1, 2015: ADL – 50% of Anti-Israel Events in Illinois on Three Campuses (Description note, “The BDS cam­paign at DePaul Uni­ver­sity was also active this semes­ter because of the campus-wide BDS ref­er­en­dum that was passed by a vote of 1,575–1,333 on May 23, 2014. To fol­low up on the vote, the DePaul Divest coali­tion sub­mit­ted a request to the DePaul Fair Busi­ness Prac­tices Com­mit­tee (FBPC) in Jan­u­ary 2015 and asked them to rec­om­mend that DePaul divest from Hewlett-Packard, Boe­ing, Lock­heed Mar­tin, Veo­lia, and Cater­pil­lar. The pro­posal was report­edly rejected by the FBPC.”)

    March 21, 2015: The DePaulia – Palestinian activist Rasmea Odeh gets prison sentence for lying on immigration papers (Description note, “Scheinman, a member of Students Supporting Israel at DePaul, said she felt like she was punched in the stomach when SJP organized Odeh’s fundraiser.“I felt like I was being undervalued and attacked on my own campus,” she said.”)

    March 1, 2015: The DePaulia – DePaul Divest: No more silence

    February 24, 2015: DePaul Divests – Press Release: DePaul University Calls for Ethical Investment Policies Following DePaul Divest Campaign

    February 17, 2015: San Diego Jewish World – BDS movement supresses free thought on campuses

    February 10, 2015: Trans, Feminist and Chicano groups on campus publicly voiced their support of BDS.

    February 10, 2015: The College Fix – Trans, Feminist and Chicano Groups Jump on the Divestment Bandwagon

    February 9, 2015: DePaul Divests – DePaul Divests – Sign the Petition (Description note, Petition for DePaul Divest campaign to get University to divest, following student body narrowly passing divestment May 2014)

    February 9, 2015: SJP launched a petition to promote BDS.

    February 8, 2015: DePaulia Online – The future of DePaul Divest

    February 4, 2015: The Washington Times – DePaul University sparks furor with fundraiser for convicted terrorist Rasmea Odeh

    February 4, 2015: Legal Insurrection – PHOTOS: Vigil for Rasmea Odeh victims at DePaul University

    February 2, 2015: Campus Reform – Fundraiser for Palestinian terrorist to be held at DePaul

    February 2, 2015: JNS – DePaul University SJP chapter to hold fundraiser for convicted Palestinian terrorist

    February 2, 2015: AJC – AJC Appalled by DePaul University Student Fundraiser for Palestinian Terrorist

    February 2, 2015: The Blaze – Chicago College Students Hosting Campus Fundraiser for Convicted Terrorist

    February 2, 2015: Chicago Sun Times – Why does DePaul group honor a convicted killer?

    February 1, 2015: Legal Insurrection – Upcoming fundraiser for convicted terrorist Rasmea Odeh at DePaul Univ.

    January 31, 2015: San Diego Jewish World – ZOA protests fundraiser for terrorist at DePaul

    January 30, 2015: JUF News – Chicago students fight BDS at Northwestern and DePaul

    January 28, 2015: The Algemeiner – Depaul University Site of Fundraiser for Convicted Terrorist

    January 27, 2015: Official statement of StandWithUs regarding BDS fail at DePaul University – “On January 9th, 2015, Students for Justice in Palestine submitted a case to the DePaul Fair Business Practices Committee calling on DePaul to divest its funds from specific multinational corporations that do business with Israel. Their spurious charges included allegations and smears against the Jewish State that were not rooted in fact, and came on the heels of last Spring’s biased and one-sided referendum question submitted by SJP calling on students to vote whether or not, “DePaul should follow socially responsible investment practices and divest its funds from companies that profit from Israel’s discriminatory practices and human rights violations” (the referendum narrowly passed by a vote of 1,575-1,333 with 10% of the student body voting).
    On Monday, January 26th, we were informed by Scott Kelly, the chair of the FBPC, that they will not entertain SJP’s motion for several reasons. For one, the committee noted that DePaul already has an existing socially responsible investment strategy.
    We applaud the student, staff and faculty representatives of the Fair Business Practices Committee for not giving legitimacy to SJP’s bigoted complaint, and hope that enhanced dialogue between all perspectives and communities on our campus will result. ‪#‎InvestNotDivest”

    January 26, 2015: Breitbart – DePaul University Site of Fundraiser for Convicted Terrorist

    January 21, 2015: DePaul Newsline – Socially Responsible Investments Continue to Increase at DePaul

    January 20, 2015: DePaul Divests – PRESS RELEASE: Student Coalition Re-Launches Divestment Campaign at DePaul University

    October 5, 2014: The DePaulia – Gaza conflict extends Divest debate at DePaul

    November 16, 2014: San Diego Jewish World – The Ivory Tower’s Attempt to Nazify Jews

    October 12, 2014: The DePaulia – Steven Salaita, U of I professor denied job offer, speaks at DePaul

    October 2014: The Tower – On Many Campuses, Hate is Spelled SJP

    July 28, 2014: JNS – While global anti-Semitism surges, don’t forget U.S. campuses

    July 16, 2014: Legal Insurrection – Expecting anti-Israel violence on campuses this fall

    July 15, 2014: The DePaulia – Gaza violence hits home in Chicago

    June 17, 2014: Inside Higher Ed – Middle East Conflict, U.S. Campuses

    June 9, 2014: Fox News – Pro-Palestinian students bring hate, intimidation to campus, critics say

    May 29, 2014: JWeekly – DePaul students approve divestment in referendum

    May 27, 2014: Chicago Tribune – DePaul students pushed for Israel divestment – An Op Ed Thanking DePaul Divest Organizers by Faculty Members Khaled Keshk and John Karam

    May 27, 2014: Chicago Tribune – ‘Tolerance’ at DePaul? No, it’s bullying

    May 27, 2014: Chicago Tribune – This is what’s wrong with university divestment

    May 27, 2014: Truth Revolt – BDS Activists to Present Before Panel at DePaul University

    May 25, 2014: Chicago Tribune – DePaul president invites pro-Palestine students to make case for divestment

    May 23, 2014: JTA – DePaul students approve Israel divestment in referendum


    May 21, 2014: The DePaulia – DePaul Divest supporters hold rally, drop Palestinian flag in Arts and Letters building

    May 20, 2014: The DePaulia – DePaul Divest stages informational sit-in in SAC Pit

    May 19, 2014: The DePaulia – DePaul Divest speaks out: No more intimidation, no more misinformation

    May 18, 2014: Chicago Tribune – DePaul students to vote on Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    May 13, 2014: The DePaulia – Students for Justice in Palestine group at DePaul puts up ‘mock apartheid wall’

    March 12, 2013: SJP protested a lecture entitled, “Fighting Terrorism in the Courtroom” by Assistant U.S. Attorney Barry Jonas.

    November 10, 2011: SJP staged a walkout from a pro-Israel event where journalist Gil Hoffman was speaking.

    April 24, 2014: The DePaulia – Dialogue and direct action: Why we heed the Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions call at DePaul

    April 20, 2014: The DePaulia – Israel divestment campaign poses threat to peace, cooperation

    April 17, 2014: DePaul Divest Facebook Page

    January 17, 2014: Legal Insurrection – University statements rejecting academic boycott of Israel

    March 12, 2013: ISRAEL EVENT DISRUPTED BY SJP – Description note: SJP and protesters shut down the event of Assistant U.S. Attorney Barry Jonas (sponsored by Center for Jewish Law & Judaic Studies) with their disturbances. Quote from article coverage in FightBack, “Jonas and his co-panelist, Stephen J. Landes, crumbled under the pressure of the dissenters. They could not make it through the whole presentation and the event ended half an hour early.”

    November 10, 2011: ISRAEL EVENT DISRUPTED BY SJP – Description note: At a pro-Israel event, SJP protesters, filling up three quarters of the spots in the audience, interrupted the presentation, stood up, announced a statement then walked out.


    Photo Album - Campus Antisemitism

    Source Credit:Students protest in the quad of DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus

    Source Credit: Students protest in the quad of DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus in March, calling for DePaul to divest from companies that profit from the Israeli occupation of Palestine. (Megan Deppen / The DePaulia) (March, 2015)

    Source Credit: AMCHA Supporter Submitted

    Source Credit: AMCHA Supporter Submitted

    Students Holding Photos at Rasmea Odeh Protest Vigil. Source Credit: Legal Insurrection, February 2 2015

    Students Holding Photos at Rasmea Odeh Protest Vigil. Source Credit: Legal Insurrection, February 2 2015

    Students Supporting Israel at DePaul placed an advertisement in the DePaul student newspaper in response to SJP fundraiser for Rasmea Odeh. Source Credit: Legal Insurrection,  February 3, 2015

    Students Supporting Israel at DePaul placed an advertisement in the DePaul student newspaper in response to SJP fundraiser for Rasmea Odeh. Source Credit: Legal Insurrection, February 3, 2015

    Source Credit: Legal Insurrection

    Source Credit: Legal Insurrection

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    BDS Tracker

    5/23/2014 – Student Government: PASSED – Students voted in favor of a divestment resolution (54% to 46%).

    3/1/2014 – Student Senate: FAILED – Passed, then vetoed by student body president.

    BDS Instigators: Student & Faculty


    Student Group(s) Promoting BDS: 2
    Depaul Divest


    Number of Faculty Endorsing the Academic Boycott of Israel: 5

    1. Lisa Calvente
    2. Laila Farah
    3. Kalyani Menon
    4. Jesse Mumm
    5. Ann Russo