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  • April 3, 2017 – College of William and Mary Jewish Student (Jonah) “There’s a lot of little stuff that occurs on campus. For every swastika, there’s a million little conversations that go on that are much more harmful than that. Everyone can get behind, ‘Alright, there’s a swastika. That’s ridiculous, that’s not OK. But for the little conversations that are more political in nature people just assume that it’s OK to say, ‘Well, you’re a Zionist, so I don’t like you,’ and that’s part of our culture.” Read more

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    11/15/16 – Graffiti containing the words, “Go Trump” where the letter “T” was replaced with a swastika was found in a residence hall bathroom.
    4/3/18 – An article in the student paper covering “Israeli Apartheid Week” quoted SJP members making delegitimizing statements of “Apartheid Week was focused on educating the campus about Israeli actions that classify it as an apartheid regime,” as well as saying that a “regime that is discriminatory and oppressive is an apartheid regime.” The article further explained SJP’s connection with Lambda Alliance, saying, “SJP has a common connection with Lambda because of their mutual concern with the phenomenon of ‘pinkwashing,’ which he described as a term coined by Palestinian activists to describes the Israeli media’s promotion and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ tourism industry in order to falsely promote an image of progressiveness and tolerance.”
    DELEGITIMIZATION 3/26/18 – SJP tabled on campus as part of “Israeli Apartheid Week.” A large banner on the table delegitimized Israel, stating, “We stand with refugees and Palestinians under apartheid.”
    BDS ACTIVITY: BDS EVENT 3/29/18 – As part of “Israeli Apartheid Week,” SJP held the event, “Boycott. Divest. Sanction Presentation.”


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    SJP at W&M

    Facebook, Source Credit: SJP at W&M (March 26, 2018)


    Source Credit: (November 17, 2016)

    Source Credit: (November 17, 2016)

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