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6/5/18 – A graduate student participant in a CUNY Graduate School listserve email promoting a “Fulbright Post-Doc Fellowships in Israel for US Citizens” engaged in antisemitic discourse over the course of 5 days on the widely-distributed listserve for graduate students. The graduate student responded to the promotion by stating it was “sick zionist propaganda” and asking if it was “a Trump initiative,” followed with “Free free Palestine!” After engagement with another on the listserve, the graduate student went on to accuse Israel of “genocidal occupation,” as well as “70 years of brutal Israeli armed-to-the-teeth occupation of Palestinian land, culture and people” and promoted BDS. The graduate student further stated, “I and many others think promoting zionism [sic] and conflating it with being Jewish is a problem, because dominant zionism is a big part of the real and deadly settler colonialism that is at the core of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.” The graduate student further stated, “a critique of zionism is not hate since Israel is a settler colonial state, but like with the BDS analysis, [I] refus[e] to go along with Israeli apartheid.” Source credit: AMCHA submittal of listserve email.
DELEGITIMIZATION 5/11/16 – The Center for Humanities sponsored a talk with Ariella Azoulay called, “The Imperial Condition of Photography in Palestine: Archives, Looting, and the Figure of the Infiltrator.” During her talk, Azoulay delegitimized Israel, explicitly stating that the archives “continue to reveal the illegitimacy of the Israeli regime.” Following Azoulay’s talk, Susan Buck-Morss, Professor of Political Philosophy at The Graduate Center, CUNY joined Azoulay on stage and congratulated Azoulay for “questioning the sovereignty of a Zionist Israel.”



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