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  • March 30, 2018 – City College of New York Jewish Student (Oshra) “You’ll also believe that this is the first time a swastika had made an appearance on campus. But then you’ll think harder and longer. You’ll remember that you had seen a swastika at City College before. Of course you did. Because you attended SJP’s (Students for Justice in Palestine) general body meeting last fall, curious about their description as an “anti-Zionist” club intending to “campaign for boycotts and divestments against corporations that support Zionism and fund the state of Israel.” You’ll remember sitting in an auditorium, as a young freshman clicked through projector-run slides. For a while, the screen remained paused on a video thumbnail, featuring a bright blue swastika on what was meant to replicate the Israeli flag. You’ll remember that the swastika wasn’t shown in the context of history or for the purpose of education. SJP was comparing Israel—your people—to your own murderers. You’ll remember how silly and twisted it was. You’ll remember your grandfather—how he died in old age, with dignity, in the Jewish state that they hate so much.” Read more


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3/12/18 – Swastikas and “white power” were drawn on a paper sign identifying Hillel outside the Hillel office.
5/11/17 – SJP members disrupted the Q & A portion of an SSI event with Israeli Ambassador Dani Dayan. Protesting audience members hurled hostile accusations of “ethnic cleansing, apartheid, forced sterilization, and genocide” as well as repeatedly disturbed Ambassador Dayan when he would try to answer a question, then finally ended the disruption with loud chants of “No Justice, No Peace” and “Free, Free Palestine” before leaving.
11/16/15 – City College SJP posted a message of solidarity with the University of Texas which included the message “Zionism out of our schools.”
5/3/18 – SJP held the event, “The General’s Son: Miko Peled.” During the event, Peled accused Israel of “genocide,” “ethnic cleansing that began in 1948” and “apartheid.” He said, “None of it [a conflict] would have happened had it not been for the initial crime: taking over Palestine, naming it Israel, and throwing out so many Palestinians.” He demonized Israel throughout, accusing it of “torturing children” as well as stating, “Israel doesn’t want the Arabs back. They want the Arabs out. And therefore, they have to be killed and bombed.” He called for BDS, stating, “Boycott Divestment and Sanctions, BDS. It is absolutely just…right…dedicated…absolutely the right way to go…it’s a call for justice, for freedom, for equality… [a call] for the right of return…Palestinians will be killed either way…Do we support occupation, oppression, racism and violence? If so than we must support Israel…If we believe in democracy…than we must establish a democracy with equal rights…These are the two options…a free Palestine means all of Palestine, every part of Palestine.” In response to a question of the right of return and Israeli’s, Peled replied, “Israelis, like myself, we are like the whites in S. Africa, we are the racists, the colonizers. Palestine has 6 million Jews, Israelis. This is the reality…what they need to do is give up their privilege. What they do need to do is realize they do not have the right to live there as a privileged society. As equals, sure…The issue is the privilege… the oppression…the issue is that Israelis vote for…the entire makeup of the Kenneset who is made up of violent racists, people who support violence and racism.” He blamed Zionist Jews for antisemitism, stating, “…Israel declared itself as a Jewish state The soldiers are Jewish. The fighter pilots who drop the bombs are Jewish. The money comes because of AIPAC, because of the influence of the, what they call the Jewish lobby, although it’s the Israeli lobby, here in America…Now if you’re a Palestinian, your job is to differentiate between these Jews and these Jews. That is a big part of the problem, so when people talk about the Yahood they mean the Yahood [because] that’s what they call Jews. Now are all Jews Zionists? No. But if we don’t stand up very clearly and say we oppose this, then by default [because] so many Jews and so much money do support it, then it’s not up to the oppressed people to say ‘well some Jews support this and some Jews support this’…Not enough is being done by Jews to distance themselves from Zionism…Until Jews distance themselves from that it’s going to be hard to argue with people who say the problem is the Jews.”
4/26/18 – As part of “Israeli Apartheid Week,” SJP held a Nakba commemoration event in the quad. A speaker with a megaphone stated, “Where Israel stands now, it’s illegal…The Israeli lobby spends billiions of dollars…Zionists organizations…donate millions to college campuses to oppose the very blatant oppression, why do you need so much money if you think you are right?…Why does our college invest in Israeli military contractors?….because they know the war machine operates every single day in Palestine….it is our duty as students in this college, students in CUNY to demand CUNY divest away from Israeli military contractors, and we will demand this every year we are on this campus.” Chants followed of “Free Free Palestine/Gaza,” “Brick by Brick, Wall by Wall, Israeli Apartheid has to Fall,” “Hey Bibi [nickname for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] what do you say? How many kids have you killed today?” “CCNY what do you say? Let us have our event today,” “From Ferguson to Palestine, Occupation is a Crime,” “Long Live Palestine,” “Intifada, intifada, long live the Intifad,” “Intifada, Intifada, there is only one solution,” and “Intifada Revolution.”
2/22/18 – SJP held the event, “Palestinian & South African Apartheid: The Parallels.” During the event, the speaker delegitimized Israel with accusations of apartheid, claimed the state utilized principles of “white supremacy” and argued that Mandela used some violent tactics and referenced that it could be justified as well for pro-Palestinians.
11/30/17 – CCNY SJP hosted an event featuring Palestinian activist Raja Abdelhaq, entitled “Stories of Intifada: 30th Anniversary.” Abdelhaq delegitimized Israel, calling it “a settler colonial project” and “a foreign occupying country” throughout his talk. He demonized Israel, falsely accusing it of “committing genocide,” “slaughtering,” and being “a killing machine” and a “thief.” Abdelhaq further called Israel a “terrorist state,” saying, “We’re telling…the terrorist state of Israel that we will continue to remember [the first intifada] and to resist until the day we die or until the day that Palestine is free.” He also argued, “The land of Palestine belongs to Palestinians and refugees who need to return to their homeland, irrelevant to what Israelis think.” Finally, Abdelhaq promoted BDS, saying that it was important in order to “emphasize and reclaim our narrative that Palestine is a settler colonial project.”
BDS ACTIVITY: BDS EVENT 10/12/17 – SJP held the BDS event, “Boycott Divestment Sanctions: History, Present, and Future.”



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