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  • May 18, 2017 –  CSU Long Beach Barbara and Ray Alpert Endowed Chair in Jewish Studies and the director of the Jewish studies program (Jeffrey) – “I was very disappointed with the passage of the bill. While I’m not going to say [all] anti-Zionism is anti-Semitic, this one is.” Read more
  • May 11, 2017 – CSU Long Beach Jewish Student (Sofia) “I don’t want to feel unsafe on campus because I’m Jewish and I support the Jewish state.” Read more
  • May 10, 2017- CSU Long Beach Co-Director of Jewish Studies (Jeffrey) “This resolution is racist and anti-Semitic, and it should be rejected. It singles out Jews from all the peoples on earth and says only you [the Jews] may not have national aspirations.” Read more
  • May 10, 2017 – CSU Long Beach Jewish Student (Sofia) “This resolution is about hate: hate for me as a Jewish woman, hate for my Jewish people and hate directed at my peers, family and friends. I am here to represent students and if even one group of students feels marginalized by this resolution, then we have failed.” Read more
  • April 27, 2017 – CSU Long Beach Jewish Student (Kelsey) “BDS has no place on our campus. CSULB prides itself on being a diverse and inclusive community, but this divestment resolution divides us and incites anti-Jewish sentiments on campus. As a Jewish and pro-Israel student, I feel personally targeted.” Read more
  • April 17, 2017 – CSU Long Beach Jewish Student (Jonathan) “As someone who is Israeli, someone who is Jewish, someone who is gay, I would never, ever tell someone else how to take an attack on them. I don’t expect people who are not Jewish and [not in] our shoes to tell us what anti-Semitism is. The feelings that the Jewish students have on our campus when they say that BDS is an anti-Semitic movement are the ones who get to communicate to you what anti-Semitism is.” Read more
  • October 14, 2015 – JEWISH CSULB STUDENT & 49ERS FOR ISRAEL MEMBER (Kelsey) “We’re for peace and for co-existence, but on campuses we’re seeing anti-Semitism pop up,” said Kelsey Kimmes of 49ers for Israel, a student organization. “It’s hate speech. If educated students on campus only see one side, that’s what they’re going to believe.” Read more

  • October 14, 2015 – JEWISH CSULB STUDENT & 49ERS FOR ISRAEL MEMBER (Kelsey) “anti-Israel groups are casting Palestinians as victims only, and… terrorism has been glorified on social media. So much so, that when 49ers for Israel presented information in August during the campus Week of Welcome, some students threw trash at [our] table and hurled insults…this year it’s getting bad” Read more


Antisemitism Tracker

Total Antisemitic Activity:

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Classification Date-Description
9/17/17 – Fliers bearing the image of Adolf Hitler, the slogan “finish what he started,” and a swastika appeared at the campus’ Multicultural Center. The URL, “” was also displayed on the flier.
4/16/17 – A handful of fliers containing a swastika and advertising a white supremacist website and group called “Aryan Underground” were found posted around campus on three separate buildings over two days. According to the article, the “Aryan Underground’ advertises itself as “a National Socialist and Fascist organization dedicated to absolute resistance against the Zionist Occupied Government.”
3/25/16 – Three antisemitic fliers were distributed to networked printers on campus. The three fliers had swastikas and said, “White Man are you Sick and Tired of the Jews Destroying Your Country through Mass Immigration and Degeneracy? Join Us in the Struggle for Global White Supremacy at the Daily Stormer.”
3/13/17 – At least one flier was found on campus that featured a swastika and a phrase disparaging Jewish people which said “No Kikes, No Problems” and “Aryan Underground.”
10/15/17 – An op-ed in the school paper was full of antisemitic statements claiming, “the original inhabitants [of Israel] were ethnically cleansed to create a jewish [sic] majority state..Zionism can be seen as inherently racist, ethnocentric and colonial. The atrocity of Zionism is that it uses the tragedy of Holocaust victims as a prop to bolster its manifest destiny agenda…The brutal destruction and ethnic cleansing of Palestine is whitewashed through biblical stories of the ‘promised land’…Learn more about the Israeli apartheid…Endorse the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement. Culturally boycott organizations which stifle academic freedom to advance Zionist agendas such as AIPAC, Anti-Defamation League, American Jewish Committee, Jewish Community Relations Council, Christian United For Israel, Stand With U.S., Zionist Organization of America, Jewish National Fund, Israel’s embassies and consulates.”
5/10/17 – Student protesters delivered a list of demands to President Conoley to make CSU a “sanctuary campus” that also included demand demonizing Zionists and promoting BDS: “Develop a mechanism to address Zionist, Islamophobic, anti-Arab, and anti-immigrant racist behavior exhibited both by faculty and students of this campus in a post 9/11 and Trump context” and “Divest from DHS; Boeing, IBM, Northrop Grumman, Verizon, Sevatec, Raytheon, G4s, General Electric Company, Hewlett-Packard Company, and Dell.” The aforementioned companies are frequently cited in BDS resolutions as well as noted in the campus newspaper as asking that “CSULB divest from various business firms that are linked to Israel.” The image on the demands petition list also included a row of images, including a woman in the center of the images holding a sign saying, “Stop Zionism,” with the caption under all the images reading: “We are CSULB.”
5/10/17 – The student government discussed and voted on a third and final reading of a divestment resolution to divest from companies doing business with Israel. The resolution passed 15-7 with one abstention. According to the school newspaper, during public comments at the meeting, one student demonized Israel and its supporters saying, “I support this resolution because it is the right thing to do as a human being. If you actually believe that Israel ever intends for peace, your entire cognitive development is a disaster, disaster! They are trying to justify genocide!”
5/2/17 – SJP and the Muslim Student Organization organized and carried out a “CSULB Divest: Teach In” event, discussion and march on campus to support divestment, that included handmade posters, small badges, stickers and pamphlets handed out to students. During the event, a speaker demonized Israel stating, “In Israeli prisons, they forced the prisoners to drink salt water, damaging their health but keeping them on the brink of survival. They incarcerate them only when they do not kill them on the streets.”
DESTRUCTION OF JEWISH PROPERTY 11/7/16 – A flier for a Jewish Studies Department course titled, “Israel: Histories, Peoples, Cultures” that was posted in LA5-169 was defaced with “[n]ot a valid course. Israel is occupied territory,” and “[h]istory of occupation of Palestine.” Additionally, words “modern State of Israel” was crossed out and replaced with “occupation of Palestine.”
BDS ACTIVITY: BDS VOTE 5/2/17 – The Associated Students Senate discussed and passed on its second reading a divestment resolution from companies doing business with Israel. The resolution passed in a roll-call vote with 12 senators voting in favor, seven voting against and three abstaining.
CALLS FOR BDS 5/2/17 – SJP circulated a petition for students to sign to support divestment.
CALLS FOR BDS 5/1/17 – A student published an op-ed piece in the school newspaper that expressed support for a BDS resolution.
BDS VOTE 4/26/17 – A divestment resolution that was scheduled for a second reading was discussed and tabled for a week because one of the authors was out of town. The reading follows a letter by the President sent to ASI that expressed how passing the resolution would likely send a negative message to Jewish students that does not promote inclusion rather than have an impact on situations in the Middle East. The meeting’s public comments were focused on BDS according to the school paper.
CALLS FOR BDS 3/21/16 – As part of “Israel Apartheid Week,” SJP erected an “Apartheid Wall” which called for BDS.


In the News ?

October 15, 2017:
The Daily 49er – Zionists threaten any hope of ending Israeli-Palestinian conflict

September 24, 2017:
Cleveland Jewish News – FBI investigating threats against Jewish, Latino Cal State Long Beach students

September 19, 2017:
Daily 49er – La Raza Student Association receives death threats, multicultural center littered with racist fliers over weekend

May 18, 2017:
Jewish Journal – Cal State Long Beach, UCSB differ on Israel divestment resolutions

May 11, 2017:
Press Telegram – Student government at CSULB calls for divestment in firms doing business with Israel

May 11, 2017:
The Algemeiner – Divestment Motion Approved at California State University-Long Beach in ‘Difficult Moment’ for Jewish Students on Campus

May 10, 2017:
Daily 49er – CSULB professors question academic freedom

May 10, 2017:
Daily 49er – ASI senate passes resolution for CSULB to divest in Israel

May 9, 2017:
Press Telegram – Long Beach student government considers urging Cal State to divest from some businesses

May 5, 2017:
OC Weekly – Cal State Long Beach Divestment from Israel Debate Heats Up

May 3, 2017:
Daily 49er – CSULB campus remains divided over divestment
(Description note, “In an emotional vote that drew gleeful cheers and heavy weeping, the Associated Students, Inc. Senate passed for its second reading a divestment resolution from companies complicit in Palestinian oppression…Tali Shaddaei, former senator for the college of health and human services: “Look at the effects of this resolution and it hasn’t even reached its second reading. I know that when I was in your chair, I would’ve never wanted my campus to be this divided no matter the issue. The resolution stated that you want inclusion on this campus. Is this your definition of inclusion?” Spencer Potiker, American Jewish student: “This isn’t a religious issue… this is a moral issue about people living in refugee camps and not having rights. All of these companies are in some way directly perpetuating violence on the Palestinian people… Don’t be tricked into thinking that this is singling out Jewish students.”)

April 27, 2017:
The Algemeiner – California University President Praised for Condemning BDS as Student Government Weighs Anti-Israel Resolution

April 26, 2017:
Daily 49er – Public comments fixate on BDS

April 25, 2017:
D49er – CSULB president voices opposition to ASI resolution

April 18, 2017:
Long Beach Post – CSULB Police Searching for Suspects Responsible for Posting Anti-Semitic Flyers Around Campus

April 18, 2017:
Press-Telegram – White supremacist fliers posted again at Cal State Long Beach campus

February 9, 2017:
The Washington Times – Cal State lecturer accused of hitting College Republicans member during protest

February 8, 2017:
The Los Angeles Loyolan – Fordham’s ban of Students for Justice in Palestine accused of violating free speech

April 1, 2016:
OC Weekly – Notorious Neo-Nazi Hacker Troll Boasts of Being Behind Long Beach State Hate Flier

March 29, 2016:
Gazzetes – CSULB Police Investigates Anti-Semitic Flyers

March 28, 2016:
Press-Telegram – Anti-Semitic flyers sent to Cal State Long Beach; FBI investigating

October 14, 2015:
Press-Telegram – Cal State Long Beach students stand for, against Israel; some allege anti-Semitism on campus (Description note, “ we’re seeing anti-Semitism pop up,” said Kelsey Kimmes of 49ers for Israel, a student organization. “It’s hate speech. If educated students on campus only see one side, that’s what they’re going to believe.”… Kimmes, who also serves as a senator in student government, said anti-Israel groups are casting Palestinians as victims only, and her group says terrorism has been glorified on social media. So much so, Kimmes said, that when 49ers for Israel presented information in August during the campus Week of Welcome, some students threw trash at their table and hurled insults. “This year it’s getting bad,” Kimmes said… One student referred to Israel as “a made-up country” while another said the group was protesting current oppression and the “oppression that happened historically” to Palestinians when Israel became a nation, just after the Holocaust… One student compared Israel to Christopher Columbus. “People are finally now realizing it’s not right for us to celebrate a man who came here and claimed (a land) as his own,” Juwairiah Syed said. “Israel came, and they’re acting as Christopher Columbus. They took over the land and are calling it their own.””)

April 20, 2015:
Long Beach Union Weekly – SJP and MSA host annual Palestine Awareness Week (Description note, “This past week, CSULB Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the Muslim Student Association (MSA), some of the most active clubs on campus, collaborated to host their annual Palestine Awareness Week. The week-long event seeks to bring attention to the human rights violations and economic crippling of the Palestinian people due to the Israeli military occupation and colonization of Palestine, by the state of Israel since its establishment 1948. One of the most prominent features of Palestine Awareness Week was a multi-paneled wall…the panels featured facts and statistics on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from reputable sources. It displayed maps showing Palestinian loss of land, info-graphics, quotes about the conflict, and even some wonderful artwork that invoked the desire for a free Palestine. Additionally, the hosts participated in mock checkpoints that attempted to simulate the conditions of real checkpoints. These checkpoints are manned by Israeli soldiers, and Palestinians must use them daily in order to travel only a few miles within their country. With many student onlookers at each enactment, students dressed up as Israeli soldiers harassed students, depicting Palestinians, with unrelenting questions, and then either detained them, or turned them away from crossing the checkpoints, something that happens quite frequently in reality.  Another significant part of the week was the opportunity to hear Estee Chandler speak. She is a representative from Jewish Voice for Peace…”)


Photo Album - Campus Antisemitism

Source Credit: CSULB Divest (June 21, 2017)

Source Credit: CSULB Divest (Retrieved May 8, 2017)

Source Credit: (May 10, 2017)

Source Credit: (May 10, 2017)

Source Credit: SJP holds a protest in solidarity with “International Day of Action for Palestine”(October 14, 2015)

Source Credit: SJP holds a protest in solidarity with “International Day of Action for Palestine”(October 14, 2015)

Source Credit: CSULB students participate in Palestine Awareness  Week (April 20, 2015) 

Source Credit: CSULB students participate in Palestine Awareness Week (April 20, 2015)

Long Beach Hillel website hacked (source:, 10/28/24)

Long Beach Hillel website hacked (source:, 10/28/24)

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BDS Tracker

5/10/2017 – Student Government: PASSED – The student government discussed and voted on divestment resolution to divest from companies doing business with Israel. The resolution passed 15-7 with one abstention.

BDS Instigators: Student & Faculty


Student Group(s) Promoting BDS: 9

  1. Anakbayan Long Beach
  3. SJP
  4. International Studies Students Association
  5. Muslim Student Association
  6. Latino Student Association
  7. College Democrats
  8. Black Student Union
  9. American Indian Student Council


Number of Faculty Endorsing the Academic Boycott of Israel: 10

  1. Jake Alimahomed-Wilson
  2. Sherna Berger-Gluck
  3. Kaye Bruegel
  4. Elaine Haglund
  5. Joanne Tortorici Luna
  6. Victor M. Rodriguez
  7. Clarissa Rojas
  8. Judith Stevenson
  9. Reza Toosi
  10. Sherry Vatter