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  • March 29, 2018 – Appalachian State University Jewish Student (Megan) “It is not the first time someone has made me feel unsafe to be Jewish on this campus. Three years in a row between our holiest holidays, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, anti-Semitic stickers have been posted around campus. Swastikas have been found carved into benches and desks…Being Jewish on this campus means that incidents like these are rarely discussed. There are almost no emails about how we will not have this hatred on our campus.” Read more


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4/2/18 – A pro-life organization called Center for Bio- Ethical Reform posted graphic fliers on campus. One flier read, “Genocide always serves a higher person” and another included a picture of a swastika, a yellow “Jude” star of David, and graphic images of Holocaust victims.
9/27/17 – A student discovered two antisemitic stickers on light poles behind Hoey and Lovill halls. The stickers depicted a drawing of a Jewish man with a black curly beard wearing a kippah who was hunched over and clasping his hands together as if planning something sinister. The Jewish man was wearing the mask of what appears to be another person, insinuating that hidden behind the facade is a sinister Jew lurking. A red “X” was drawn over the image. The image utilizes historical antisemitic tropes of Jewish power, manipulation, and control.
VERBAL ABUSE 2/11/16 – Appalachian State University replaced the Israeli flag with the Palestinian flag in the Plemmons Student Union. A review of this incident claimed a Jewish student who called this into question was verbally abused by a staff member.


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