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There is no recorded antisemitic activity for this campus, 2015 – present.
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December 2, 2015:
The Amherst Student – Student Reactions to Hate Crimes Differ with the Groups Targeted
(Description note, “There was another hate crime that happened during this academic year. On September 9th a student from the University of Massachusetts broke into the Keefe Health Center and spray painted two swastikas on the wall. After this occurred, the only emails I received were from the school. There was little to no student reaction to this incident. As a member of the student body and as a Jew, I have been trying to ponder the reasoning behind these differences in reactions. I believe that anti-semitism is often not taken very seriously. Many Jews are white, or white passing, and therefore have the privilege that this skin color entails. This does not erase the fact, though, that anti-semitism does exist. …Last year, an image circulated around the Internet of a beer pong game. On one side of the table, red cups were arranged in the shape of a swastika; on the other, yellow cups were arranged in the shape of the Magen David, or the Star of David. I think it is important to remember that not everyone has the luxury of finding humor in that image. “)

November 29, 2016:
The Amherst Student – An Absent Conversation: Trump and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
(Description note, “’Three: It recruits civilian soldiers who “fight their nation’s battles with decency, humanity, restraint.’ It must take so much restraint for Israeli soldiers to partake in knee-capping Palestinians, and so much decency to threaten queer Palestinians and make them spy on their own families and neighbors (ask Swarthmore professor Sa’ed Atshan to elaborate).”)

thumbs-up December 29, 2013:
UNIVERSITY STATEMENT – Amherst College President opposes boycott of Israeli academic institutions


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  2. Deborah Gewertz
  3. Yu-ting Huang
  4. Sujani Reddy
  5. Krupa Shandilya
  6. *Adam Sitze

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