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  • March 1, 2018 – American University Jewish Students (Steph) – “I am utterly disappointed at our school’s lack of adequate response to this incident, especially when similar incidents have received much more community support and dialogue. A clear example that comes to mind is how the community has responded to anti-immigration posters in January. Are Jews not as worthy as other marginalized groups to receive support from our community?” Read More
  • March 9, 2017 – American University Jewish Student (Mady) – “…some kid stood up and shouted, ‘Mein Kampf!’ I was uncomfortable at first, but I thought it was a one time outburst. His friends’ giggling and half-hearted “stop its” seemed to keep him going, making my skin crawl, and I knew I had to say something. ‘Hi, could you stop’  I asked. ‘No. I’m not doing anything wrong.’ His friends started laughing and mumbled comments about the first amendment. ‘I’m Jewish and I find that really offensive.’ He looked at me and snickered, “You’re Jewish? Your nose is so normal. You don’t even look Jewish.”’ No one in the lounge said anything.” Read more
  • March 9, 2017 – American University Jewish Student (Mady) – “I was sitting in a study lounge with a group of my sorority sisters. As I was packing up to leave, I noticed a Swastika carved into the table under my textbook. My friend called the RA on duty immediately, she warned that Public Safety won’t do anything unless someone was ‘really offended.’ We scoffed and naively told her that everyone should be offended, but…she was right. The first thing the public safety guy asked when he got there was whether anyone ‘really cared.’” Read more

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    Classification Date-Description
    4/9/18 – A couple of days before Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Memorial Day), antisemitic posters were hung near the Katzen Arts Center and the President’s Office Building. The posters displayed an image of Adolf Hitler and a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School gun control advocate, alongside an anti-gun control message. Five of the 17 people killed in the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas were Jewish. Additionally, some of the leaders of the Never Again movement for gun reform are prominent Jewish individuals.
    3/9/17 – A student found a swastika etched into a desk. Date of incident is publicized date.
    11/11/16 – A whiteboard in a classroom was marked up with a swastika accompanied by the phrase “Go Trump.”
    ANTISEMITIC EXPRESSION: DEMONIZATION 2/27/18 – Operation Homeland, an alt-right group, posted fliers on campus in the SIS building stating, “No more wars for Israel. #AIPACgohome,” implying that Israel manipulates America to fight in wars on Israel’s behalf.
    5/2/17 – Students held a walkout following racist incidents on campus. According to a video comment, part of the walkout included demands that included “calls on the university to divest from companies involved in Israel’s occupation and violation of Palestinian human rights.” The demands also referred to Israel as the “Israeli Apartheid State.”
    DEMONIZATION 3/23/16 – AU SJP hosted an event “Greenwashing: A Discussion with Students for Justice in Palestine and Fossil Free AU,” in which Israel was falsely accused of “greenwashing,” i.e. promoting its “green” environment practices to hide the injustices it perpetrates against the Palestinians.
    3/18/16 – JVP at American University held the event “Max Blumenthal: Legislating Speech – Whitewashing Apartheid: Israel’s Fight Against Democracy” to discuss BDS, alongside delegitimizing Israel by falsely accusing the state of apartheid, as the title suggests.
    DEMONIZATION 2/26/15 – American University SJP held a discussion about how the Israeli government and Zionist organizations allegedly use “pinkwashing” — the portrayal of Israel as “a haven for the Queer community” — in order to distract “from Israel’s countless human rights violations.”
    DEMONIZATION 2/25/15 – American University SJP hosted a discussion with Professor Cathy Schneider and BDS activist Mai Abdul Rahman, in which Israel was falsely accused of “greenwashing,” that is, using the promotion of its “green” environmental practices to hide the injustices it perpetrates against the Palestinians.
    1/14/15 – American University Students for Justice in Palestine was one of the signatories of a statement entitled “Say No to Faithwashing: Boycott Muslim Leadership Initiative,” which falsely accuses Israel of “ethnic cleansing” and “apartheid,” and pledges commitment to “the BDS call.”
    BDS ACTIVITY: BDS EVENT 4/20/18 – SJP held the event “BDS 101 with AUSJP,” where participants engaged in a, “student led discussion on the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement.”
    BDS EVENT 3/28/17 – SJP held the event, “The BDS Movement: Contexts, Developments, and Future Visions” as part of “Israeli Apartheid Week.”
    BDS EVENT 1/24/17 – SJP held the event, “AU Students for Justice in Palestine BDS Teach-In.”
    CALLS FOR BDS 11/10/15 – American University SJP issued a statement regarding the “sighting of inflammatory posters on the American University campus,” which promoted BDS.


    In the News ?

    April 9, 2018:
    The Eagle – MPD arrests person for hanging anti-Semitic posters near Katzen Arts Center

    March 9, 2018:
    The Eagle – In support of the Jewish community targeted by recent anti-Semitic posters

    March 1, 2018:
    The Eagle – Op-ed: Campus response to anti-Semitic postering leaves much to be desired

    March 9, 2017:
    American University – A note on Anti-semitism at AU

    November 11, 2016:
    The Eagle – Swastika drawing found in Ward Circle Building

    December 2, 2014:
    Photojournalism/Activist Writing by Julia Rapp – Students for Justice In Palestine AU Chapter Hosts Walk Out At Pro-Israel Discussion

    November 8, 2014:
    aish – Campus Mezuzah Attacks

    October 2014:
    The Tower – On Many Campuses, Hate is Spelled SJP

    October 9, 2014:
    Jewish Journal – Two academicians challenge anti-Israel professor from CSUN

    September 18, 2014:
    J Weekly – Why I’m a campus Jewish activist

    August 6, 2014:
    Campus Reform – MSNBC: Professor claims anti-Semitism in the Middle East doesn’t exist

    August 3, 2014:
    Truth Revolt – Prof on MSNBC: There is No Anti-Semitism in Middle East

    August 2, 2014:
    Professor Hillary Mann Leverett states during an interview on MSNBC, “There’s not an anti-Semitism in the Middle East the way that there was in Europe, which is based on race; which is based on color; which is based on genes and biology. That doesn’t exist in the Middle East. There’s no history of that in the Middle East.”

    May 21, 2014:
    AU SJP TWEET – “Video from Sunday’s DMV SJP/SAIA presence at the Israel Street Festival”
     (Description Note –  SJP Harassed participants in video)

    May 18, 2014:
    ISRAEL EVENT DISRUPTED BY SJP – Description note: SJP planned and disrupted an off-campus Jewish event. Quote from article, “Students for Justice in Palestine and Students Against Israeli Apartheid from Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia, (DMV-SJP & SAIA; George Washington SJP, American University SJP, George Mason SAIA and Georgetown SJP, University of Maryland SJP) decided to crash a pro-Israel street festival.”

    April 17, 2014:
     ISRAEL EVENT DISRUPTED BY SJP – Description note: Fifteen minutes into an event where Israel’s first Bedouin diplomat, Ishmael Khaldi spoke, SJP members began screaming, unveiled a giant Palestinian flag, and stormed out.

    March 2, 2014:
    EVENT –  Boycott AIPAC 2014 Rally/Event (See Photos Below)

    February 27, 2014:
    EVENT – Panel on South African and Israeli Systems of Apartheid and the BDS Movements

    February 26, 2015:
    SJP EVENT – Pinkwashing 101
    (Description note, “Come join SJP in a discussion on Israeli pink washing. Pinkwashing is a strategy used by the Israeli government and Zionist organizations to draw attention to Israel as a haven for the Queer community. This tactic distracts from Israel’s countless human rights violations.”)

    February 26, 2014:
    EVENT – Discussion on ASA Academic Boycott – Description: George Mason University professor and American Studies Association member Craig Willse at AU to discuss the ASA Academic Boycott.

    February 24 -March 2, 2014:
    EVENT – Israeli Apartheid Week at American University

    February 24, 2015:
    SJP EVENT – A Peoples in Resistance: From Ferguson to Palestine
    (Description note, “Come join AU’s Students for Justice in Palestine in a conversation exploring the similarities and connections between solidarity movements in Ferguson and Palestine, drawing upon themes of repression and race. Ever since the events this past summer in both Ferguson, Missouri & the Gaza Strip there have been a lot of statements linking the two events. The trial surrounding Michael Brown’s death and the latest Israeli operation, coined Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, both produced massive public objections in the form of worldwide protests. Help us bridge the gap between these two distinct struggles to unite against oppression.”)

    February 14, 2014:
    AU SJP TWEET – Check out this petition! (Petition for Neil Young to Cancel Concert in Israel in July)

    February 3, 2014:
    AU SJP TWEET – “Positive signs that BDS is gaining ground!”

    January 30, 2014:
    AU SJP TWEET – “For those following the Scarlett Johansson SodaStream/Oxfam controversy..”

    January 7, 2014:
    AU SJP TWEET – “Students for Justice in Palestine–American University to the members of the American Studies Association (ASA)” 

    December 23, 2013:
    AU SJP TWEET – “From the talented Raffoul, a Palestinian hip-hop artist and a graduate of Georgetown University  (Description Note: ***Compares the Jewish Holocaust to the Palestinian struggle – Calls it the Palestinian Holocaust***)

    December 4, 2013:
    EVENT – Boycott from Within: A Talk with Eran Efrati and Maya Wind

    November 7, 2013:
    AU SJP TWEET – “SIGN THE PETITION: American University Stop Sales of Sabra Hummus! #AUBoycottSabra #BDS #SJP #AU”

    November 4, 2013:
    AU SJP TWEET – “6 Things You Buy That Help Support Israeli Brutality. Sabra Hummus is one of them! #AUBoycottSabra”

    November 4, 2013:
    AU SJP TWEET – “Why boycott #SabraHummus?”

    November 4, 2013:
    AU SJP TWEET – “We are excited to announce that today we are launching our Boycott Sabra Hummus campaign on campus! Follow #AUBoycottSabra for updates!”

    October 28, 2013:
    AU SJP TWEET – “Don’t miss our weekly meeting tomorrow at 8:30 pm in Ward 107! As we discuss the first two chapters of the book #BDS #SJP”

    October 23, 2013:
    AU SJP TWEET – “We are happy to announce that last night our group voted against normalization! Check our FB page to learn more!”


    Photo Album - Campus Antisemitism

    AmericanU flyer AIPACgohome

    Operation Homeland fliers stating, “No more wars for Israel. #AIPACgohome,” implying that Israel manipulates America to fight in wars on Israel’s behalf. Source Credit: The Eagle (February 27, 2018)


    *Source note: Photos culled from American University SJP Facebook page, American University SJP Twitter account or American University SJP Blog.

    Source Credit: Haaretz, Dec 8 2014

    Source Credit: Haaretz, Dec 8 2014


    Source Credit: American SJP Facebook Page

    Source Credit: SF Pirg, August 5, 2014


    AU SJP - Feb 24 2014

    Source Credit: February 24, 2014


    AU SJP Pic 9

    Source Credit: July 2014


    Au Pic 3 - March 3 2014 - Boycott AIPAC

    Source Credit: March 3, 2014


    AU Pic 2 - Boycott AIPAC

    Source Credit: July 2014


    AU pic 1 - ethnic cleansing thou shall not steal

    Source Credit: July 2014


    AU pic 5 - March 3 2014 - Boycott AIPAC

    Source Credit: March 3, 2014


    AU Pic 6 March 3 2014 - Boycott AIPAC

    Source Credit: March 3, 2014 – Boycott AIPAC


    AU Pic 8 - March 3 2014 - Boycott AIPAC

    Source Credit: March 3, 2014


    AU pic 7 - March 3 2014 - Boycott AIPAC

    Source Credit: March 3, 2014


    AU - Pic 4 March 3 2014 - Boycott AIPAC

    Source Credit: March 3, 2014


    Source Credit: SJP – November 6, 2013


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    Number of Faculty Endorsing the Academic Boycott of Israel: 7

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    2. Eileen Findlay
    3. Adrienne Pine
    4. Cathy Schneider
    5. Susan Shepler
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    7. David Vine

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