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  • September 29, 2016 – Reed College Jewish Student (Anonymous Letter Posted) “It was definitely jarring to see such a blatantly anti-Semitic email in my mailbox, but not entirely surprising. My Jewish community in Indiana was often targeted by anti-Semites and white supremacists, but I suppose it might have been too much to expect for things to be different at Reed. I think this particular problem is larger than anti-Semitism though.  I have often felt like there’s a stubborn unwillingness at Reed to try to understand our classmates’ feelings/perspectives. ..This email is not the first time I’ve felt alienated by intolerance in the Reed community, and I doubt it will be the last.” Read more
  • September 29, 2016 – Reed College Jewish Student (Halle) “I really didn’t think too much about how my identity as a liberal Jew, dare I say liberal Zionist, would be problematic for me here. What I have found is instead a real lack of knowledge about the Jewish community, that if exists here, is incredibly inaccessible…Equating anything to ISIS is an incredibly inflammatory comparison, and to do so with no context or agenda at all, seems royally… misguided? Unnecessary? Confused? I don’t know if there is an appropriate word. For me though, the most troubling point was not the comments themselves, but the deafening silence that followed. The first time I even began to hear conversation about these comments was Friday, two days later. If these comments had been about any other marginalized group, I have no doubt that the discourse would have commenced immediately.” Read more
  • September 29, 2016 – Reed College Jewish Student (Halle) “I think many Jews are reluctant to speak up knowing that perhaps the Jewish experience of oppression is not considered “comparable” to that of other groups represented at Reed, and thus requires them to keep their mouths shut, and wait to speak if anything truly reeking of anti-Semitism is thrown at them… It appears currently to be fashionable to exclude Jewish narratives from conversations about oppression and discrimination. Perhaps this was needed to remind our community that to truly be intersectional in advocacy, we need to make antisemitism our issue too.” Read more

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    11/12/16 – A swastika was found in a bathroom.
    DENIGRATION 9/21/16 – The student body president sent an email to Reed’s nearly 1400 students titled “SB Info: ‘Hasidic Jews are like the Jewish version of ISIS.'” The college has a sizable Hasidic population.
    11/1/17 – Reedies Against Racism occupied administrative buildings for over a week in protest of Reed College’s financial ties to Wells Fargo, which the protesters believe is “infamous for being one of the primary investors in private prisons, immigration detention, the Dakota Access Pipeline, police foundations and the Israeli Apartheid (among other oppressive institutions), as its main operating bank.”


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    November 1, 2017:
    Indybay – Reed College Threatens Students for Protesting Its Financial Ties

    September 29, 2016:
    Pioneer Log – The Reed Incident: The Second Apology, September 26

    November 13, 2016:
    Portland Patch – Reed College Latest Area School Roiled by Racism

    September 29, 2016:
    Pioneer Log – Reed student body president uses anti-semitic phrase in mass email
    (Description note, “An email sent out by Reed College’s Student Body President has provoked allegations of anti-semitism. On the evening of Sept. 21, Lucas Binion ’17 sent an email to all 1,394 Reed students with the subject line “SB Info: ‘Hasidic Jews are like the Jewish version of ISIS.’” The text of the email, a standard student government update, was unrelated to the subject line.)


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