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  • March 30, 2016 – Capital University Jewish Student (Austin) “A student at one point had an Israeli flag in his window and students outside began shouting ‘Heil Hitler.’ Another Israeli flag was stolen several times from a student’s porch, and at one time pennies were left outside Jewish students’ doors to ‘perpetuate the stereotype of penny-pinching Jews’…There’s some lack of understanding on campus. It’s a very small minority, but it’s a troubling minority that we were hoping to address and let people know that this isn’t OK.” Read more

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    March 30, 2016
    Cleveland Jewish News –
    Capital U. student government OKs anti-Semitism policy (Description note, “The student government at Capital University unanimously passed a campuswide anti-Semitism policy during a meeting March 22…“While the membership of student government will respect the right of all students to exercise their freedom of speech, as an organizational body it will not facilitate, promote, fund or participate in any activities that directly or indirectly promote anti-Semitism or undermine the rights of the Jewish people to self-determination,” the resolution reads. The resolution also mentions the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement by noting, “The membership of Capital University’s student government recognizes that the Jewish people, like all peoples, have a collective right to self-determination, and considers attempts to undermine these rights to be a form of bigotry. “The above clause does not relate to individuals who support the BDS movement, but rather to its official political platform and the statements of its leaders regarding its goals as a movement.”)


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