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2015 Inventory Reveals
302 Acts at 109 Schools in 28 States

AMCHA Initiative is proud to unveil our new database documenting antisemitic incidents that have occurred over the past year, by state and university.

The incidents are organized into three categories: 1) Targeting Jewish Students and Staff; 2) Antisemitic Expression; and 3) Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Activity. Each act is further classified according to the type of antisemitism it exhibits. There is also a dynamic 2016 incident tracker, accessible from the database, that keeps track of current antisemitic activity on hundreds of campuses across the US.

We believe this tool will serve as an important resource for parents, students, donors, community members and researchers. Furthermore, documenting such antisemitic incidents should serve as an important wake up call to university leaders and elected officials about the need to address campus antisemitism promptly and vigorously.

Antisemitism continues to plague our nation’s schools. Just a few examples of the more than 300 incidents that took place nationwide in 2015:

  • Brooklyn College: “Jews – the root of all evil” was scrawled on a wall in the library.
  • Clark University, Cleveland State University, Framingham State University, George Washington University, John Jay College, Montclair State University, Rowan University, SUNY Purchase, Tufts, UC Berkeley, University of Maryland, University of Missouri, Valdosta State University, Vanderbilt, Western New Mexico State University: Swastikas and anti-Semitic slurs were scrawled on school buildings and property.
  • Delaware Valley College: Female student athlete tweeted, “Can I kill all the [expletive deleted] Jews in Lakewood pleeeasse?!?!!”
  • Farleigh Dickinson University: A swastika was drawn outside Hillel Director Rabbi Ely Allen’s office.
  • Hunter College: “Zionists out of CUNY” and “Long live the Intifada” was chanted during a rally protesting tuition hikes.
  • Indiana University: Thirty members of the Traditionalist Youth Network marched on campus holding anti-Semitic signs and wearing Nazi memorabilia.
  • Medgar Evers College: An Orthodox Jewish student was punched in the face and told “Leave the school, you Jew.”
  • Pace University: A student’s Snapchat account featured the University’s football captain giving the Nazi salute.
  • San Diego State University: Convicted terrorist Rasmeah Odeh was the keynote speaker at a national SJP conference at SDSU promoting the anti-Semitic BDS movement.
  • UC Berkeley: “Zionists should be sent to the gas chamber” found etched on school property.
  • UC Davis: A Jewish fraternity was defaced with swastikas the day after a contentious divestment vote; “grout out the Jews” was etched into the Hillel house; and vandals carved swastikas and “F**k the Jews” into cars and slashed tires on campus.
  • UC Irvine: An Anteaters for Israel I-Fest event was disrupted by anti-Israel protesters who chanted loudly to drown out the event and physically blocked a walkway. The civil rights of Jewish students who wanted to gather peacefully were violated.
  • UCLA: A UCLA student and employee posted anti-Semitic comments on social media including, “F**king Jews. GTFOH with all your Zionist bullshit. Crazy ass f**king troglodyte albino monsters of cultural destruction. F**king Jews. GTFOH with your whiny bullshit. Give the Palestinians back their land, go back to Poland or whatever freezer-state you’re from, and realize that faith does not constitute race.”
  • UC Santa Cruz: SJP set up mock checkpoints on campus insisting that students show ID cards before entering the library. The event demonized Israel and Jewish students reported feeling targeted and harassed.
    University of Central Florida: A rash of anti-Semitic posters swept through campus over a period of a week. One had a Star of David and the words “1%” and “Bankers” underneath, a second had a swastika on a flag with a message calling for an Israel boycott and others contained the phrases “Muh Holocaust” and “Truth is Treason In the empire of lies.”

  • University of Chicago: Threatening anti-Semitic comments were posted on Yik Yak including, “Gas them, burn them and dismantle their power structure. Humanity cannot progress with the parasitic Jew.”
    University of Illinois Champaign Urbana: A large menorah outside the Chabad House was knocked over twice.

  • University of Oregon: A male yelled anti-Semitic slurs at a Jewish student and threatened to assault him with a firearm.

To see all incidents, please view and share our antisemitism tracker.



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…and dozens more!


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Thank you for taking action to protect Jewish students!


Warm regards,

AMCHA Initiative





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