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Announcement of an Anti-Zionist Conference at UCSC in March 2007

“Alternative Histories Within and Beyond Zionism.”
Thursday, March 15
Namaste Lounge, College 9/10

Judith Butler: “Hidden Histories of Post-Zionism
David Goldberg: “On Racial Palestinianization”
Hilton Obezinger: “Jewish Opposition to the Occupation Since 1967, A Personal and
Public Journey”
Terri Ginsberg: “Holocaust Film and Zionism: Exposing a Colloboration.”
Ryvka Bar Zohar: “A History of Zionism and the Politics of Divestment”

This conference will take an historical perspective on the history of Zionism in order to
remind ourselves that Zionism was never a unified phenomenon. This history has been
nearly forgotten within current debates about the situation of Israel and Palestine. The
conference will examine debates in the early history of Zionism, roads not taken within
Zionism, and early paths of Zionism that were later deflected. It will examine how the
various positions were grounded in claims to Jewish history, traditions, values, ethics and
spiritual practice. It will ask how Zionism has defined Jewish political participation,
ethical and religious practice, and intellectual thought.

Co-sponsored by: Institute for Humanities Research, College 9/10, Feminist Studies,
Anthropology, CGIRS, Community Studies, Sociology, Politics, History

For more information, contact:

Lisa Rofel
Department of Anthropology
Social Sciences Building 1
University of California
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
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