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November 10, 2017Academics who boycott Israel hurt their own students and colleaguesJWeekly/em>Op-Ed
May 5, 2017 The Sad — But True — Facts About Campus AntisemitismThe AlgemeinerOp-Ed
May 2, 2017 The Real Facts About Campus Anti-SemitismThe Times Of IsraelOp-Ed
March 9, 2017Opinion: It’s time for UC Regents to implement principles against intolerance they adoptedThe Mercury NewsOp-Ed
December 16, 2016Denying Campus Antisemitism Puts Jewish Students at RiskThe AlgemeinerOp-Ed
September 28, 2016Anti-Semitism On Campus Is Not Just Uncivil, It’s IntolerantNewsweekOp-Ed
September 22, 2016Academic integrity lost to anti-SemitismJ WeeklyOp-Ed
September 19, 2016The Jig Is UpThe Jerusalem PostOp-Ed
September 19, 2016Why We Protested a Palestinian Course at BerkeleyForwardOp-Ed
July 29, 2016The Jewish Exception to Free Speech on CampusJNS.orgOp-Ed
July 11, 2016Fighting discrimination and protecting the First Amendment on campus, not a zero sum gameThe HillOp-Ed
April 19, 2016Jewish Students Should Not Be Caught in the CrossfireObserverOp-Ed
April 1, 2016Putting anti-Semitism on the radar at the University of California and beyondJewish JournalOp-Ed
March 22, 2016LEILA BECKWITH: Anti-Zionism inseparable from anti-SemitismThe Press EnterpriseOp-Ed
January 14, 2016Tammi Rossman-Benjamin: Divestment movement inspires threats to Jewish studentsSan Jose Mercury NewsOp-Ed
December 7, 2015Op-Ed: Why campus anti-racism protests are bad for the JewsJTAOp-Ed
November 17, 2015A Staggering 70% of Jewish Students Experienced Anti-Semitism at UCThe Times of IsraelOp-Ed
October 15, 2015UC system must adopt definition of anti-Semitism: Letters (Leila Beckwith)Los Angeles Daily NewsOp-Ed
September 14, 2015Guest commentary: When an obsession with Israel enters the abyss of anti-SemitismContra Costa Times Op-Ed
September 8, 2015 Tammi Rossman-Benjamin: UC is not welcoming place to Jewish studentsSanta Cruz Sentinel Op-Ed
September 6, 2015 UC Board of Regents must protect students from anti-Semitism: Guest commentaryLA Daily NewsOp-Ed
July 13, 2015Who should define anti-Semitism? Jewish JournalOp-Ed
June 26, 2015How anti-Zionism has turned into anti-Semitism on UC campuses: Guest commentaryLos Angeles Daily NewsOpen Letter
May 28, 2015It’s Time to Stem the Tide of Campus Anti-SemitismArutz ShevaOpen Letter
May 22, 2015Schools Must Do More to Protect Jewish StudentsTimes of IsraelOp-Ed
May 20, 2015Submission: UC must protect Jewish students, combat anti-SemitismDaily BruinOp-Ed
May 11, 2015Tammi Rossman-Benjamin: UC must fight back against anti-Semetic actsSan Jose Mercury NewsOp-Ed
April 24, 201520+ Groups Outraged Cornel West To Keynote UCLA Event Honoring Abraham HeschelThe Times of IsraelOpen Letter
April 9, 2015Jewish students need more protection on California campusesThe Sacramento BeeOp-Ed
March 26, 2015Are Jewish students safe at the University of California? Yes and no: Guest commentaryDaily NewsOp-Ed
March 12, 2015From Durban to Los Angeles: the BDS movement’s long trail of anti-SemitismJNSOp-Ed
December 29, 2014Programmers at CNES saw no reason to counter Israel criticismJewish JournalOp-Ed
December 19, 2014U.S. College Chancellors Admit BDS Goal Is “Isolating Zionism” and “Bringing Down Israel”Independent SentinelOp-Ed
December 18, 2014Anthropologists, the Latest to Jump on the BDS BandwagonTimes of IsraelOp-Ed
December 10, 2014University of California Must Shield Students From Anti-Israel HatredThe Times of IsraelOp-Ed
November 26, 2014‘As long as you choose to be on that side, I’m going to continue to hate you’J WeeklyOp-Ed
November 25, 2014SJP, foot soldiers in the int’l campaign against IsraelArutz ShevaOp-Ed
November 25, 2014Leaked: SJP plans illegal activity against Jewish students and IsraelThe Times of IsraelOp-Ed
November 25, 2014Should a Professor’s Speech Impact Employment?Arutz ShevaOp-Ed
October 27, 2014Anti-Semitism In ActionFree RepublicOp-Ed
October 26, 2014The Case Against Academic Boycotts of IsraelFathom JournalBook Review
October 3, 2014Federal Money Funding Anti-Semitism At Some of Our Nation’s Top Schools? Shamefully, the Answer is YesThe BlazeOp-Ed
October 3, 2014UCLA center violating law with anti-Israel biasThe Daily BruinOp-Ed
September 4, 2014Thinking about taking a university course on the Arab-Israeli conflict? Think again.The Jewish JournalOp-Ed
July 30, 2014Campus thugs threaten Jewish studentsSan Diego Jewish WorldOp-Ed
July 28, 2014While global anti-Semitism surges, don’t forget U.S. campusesJNSOp-Ed
June 27, 2014SFSU: Supporting Terrorists is Legitimate University-Funded ‘Research’The Jewish PressOp-Ed
June 18, 2014UCLA Must End Harassment and Bullying of Jewish StudentsThe BlazeOp-Ed
June 1, 2014Does NYU have a Jewish problem?NY Daily NewsOp-Ed
May 7, 2014BDS is the new antisemitism & the college campus is the new battlefieldJewish Post & OpinionOp-Ed
May 6, 2014Anti-Semitism on Campus 2014Academia.orgOp-Ed
May 5, 2014Surge of Antisemitism on College CampusesABC 7 NewsOp-Ed
May 5, 2014The Dangerous Rise of Anti-Semitism on College CampusesIndependent SentinelOp-Ed
May 1, 2014Call for boycotting is thinly veiled anti-Semitic campaignJ WeeklyOp-Ed
May 2014Growing Intimidation on CampusAish.comOp-Ed
April 28, 2014BDS Movement Echoes Germany in the 1930sAlgemeinerOp-Ed
March 31, 2014Insider’s guide to campus bias faced by JewsSan Diego Jewish WorldOp-Ed
March 27, 2014California Students Testify About Anti-Semitism on CampusJewish PressWitness Account
March 2, 2014An academic lynching behind closed doorsJNSOp-Ed
February 21, 2014BDS debate: A tale of two universitiesJewish JournalOp-Ed
November 14, 2013Anti-Semitism, academic freedom and Brooklyn CollegeNY Daily NewsOp-Ed
February 18, 2013AMCHA’s open letter to CSU Chancellor ReedSD Jewish WorldOpen Letter
January 29, 2013AMCHA’s open letter to UC Davis Chancellor KatehiFrontpage MagOpen Letter
20132013 Student Participant – Olive Tree Initiative – Full ReportAMCHA InitiativeReport
20132013 Student Participant – Olive Tree Initiative – Executive SummaryAMCHA InitiativeExecutive Summary of Report
August 14, 2012Letter from the Jewish Community to UC Regents and PresidentCanadian Institute for Jewish ResearchOpen Letter