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AMCHA Responses University of Central Florida

AMCHA’S Responses to Antisemitic Activity at University of Central Florida 



1.  Blatantly antisemitic stickers and flyers are found on and near campus. No UCF administrator publicly condemns the postings as antisemitic.

  • INCIDENT: Two antisemitic stickers, one including a swastika, and a note calling for the boycott of all Israeli products were found at the University of Central Florida’s main campus on November 15, 2015. One sticker displayed a swastika; another implied all bankers are Jewish. Near the Nazi imagery was a note that said buying Israeli products helps support the “murder and oppression” of Palestinians.” These stickers were later joined by at least three other antisemitic stickers.
  • 12/8/15 – AMCHA’S RESPONSE:  AMCHA Initiative coordinated a coalition letter of 34 organizations addressed to President Hitt stating, “We are dismayed that in the weeks since the stickers and flyers appeared, neither you nor any other UCF administrator has yet to publicly condemn these postings as antisemitic, specifically targeting Jewish students and causing them to feel threatened and unsafe.  A public statement demonstrates to the campus and wider communities that you will not tolerate acts of bigotry directed at Jewish students and that you are committed to addressing antisemitic acts with the same promptness and vigor as all other racial, ethnic and gender bigotry. A public statement is also the single most important step to deterring future acts of antisemitism.”
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