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AMCHA Responses CUNY Hunter

AMCHA’S Response to Antisemitic Activity at CUNY Hunter College



1. CUNY Hunter College was mentioned in AMCHA’s report, “The Impact of Academic Boycotters of Israel on U.S. Campuses.”

  • 10/14/17 – INCIDENT: CUNY Hunter College was listed in Table 4, “Middle East, Ethnic, and Gender Studies Departments and Programs that Sponsored the Most Events with One or More BDS-Supporting Speakers in 2015 and 2016” of AMCHA’s new study, “The Impact of Academic Boycotters of Israel on U.S. Campuses.”
  • 11/16/17 – AMCHA’S RESPONSE: AMCHA wrote a letter to President Raab to commend her for her outstanding statement denouncing the American Studies Association’s resolution to impose an academic boycott on Israel and share, “new research that demonstrates the extent to which the on-campus implementation and advocacy of an academic boycott of Israel directly harm American students and faculty at U.S. universities.” The letter went on to detail how AMCHA’s study “found that pro-BDS faculty were between five and twelve times more likely to sponsor events with BDS-supporting speakers, and schools that hosted these events were twice as likely to have acts of anti-Jewish hostility.”


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