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AMCHA Building Alumni Network to Act for Jewish Students






AMCHA Launches UCLA Alumni Group to Combat Antisemitism, Reaches out to Supporters to Build Alumni Network Across the USA

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In light of escalating antisemitic activity on campuses through the country, including the recent display of anti-Jewish bigotry at UCLA when a Jewish candidate for the the Judicial Board was initially reject by members of the student government solely because of her Jewishness and involvement in Jewish groups, AMCHA Initiative is pleased to announce that we have formally launched a UCLA Alumni group to play an active role in addressing antisemitic activity on that campus.
In addition to the UCLA Alumni Group, AMCHA Initiative is building an Alumni Network across the U.S. to increase stakeholder participation in combating campus antisemitism.


Are you an alumnus of one or more colleges or universities? If so, please tell us which ones, and we will keep you updated about how you can help combat antisemitism at your alma mater:

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Thank you very much for all that you do to protect Jewish and pro-Israel students on campuses today!
Your actions in the past have resulted in numerous successes, and we look forward to increasing our effectiveness in fighting campus antisemitism with your help.
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Warm regards,
AMCHA Initiative




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