Effects of Antisemitic Activity on Jewish Students


Students, professors and members of outside organizations who use hateful anti-Jewish rhetoric and imagery, actively promote the dismantling of the Jewish State, and support terrorism against Jews, have created a hostile and threatening environment for many Jewish students on American campuses. These students report feeling physically unsafe, emotionally and intellectually harassed and intimidated by peers and professors, isolated from their fellow students, and unfairly treated by faculty and administrators. As a result of their experience of campus antisemitism, some Jewish students have even reported leaving the university, dropping classes, changing fields of study, avoiding certain parts of campus and hiding symbols of their Jewish background.

In a survey the AMCHA Initiative co-founders administered in 2010 to 60 Jewish students at the University of California:

  • More than three-quarters of the respondents reported feeling harassed or intimidated when speakers, films and exhibits that demonize Israel and its supporters were brought to campus.
  • Almost 90% of the students surveyed described feeling harassed or intimidated as a result of the divestment from Israel campaigns that had been waged at their universities.
  • Disturbingly, more than 80% of all respondents expressed the belief that events, exhibits and campaigns that demonize Israel could incite violence against Jewish students on their campus; while several reported that it already had.
  • Compounding these feelings, 90% of the respondents felt that campus administrators do not treat the concerns of Jewish students as sensitively as they treat those of other minorities, such as African Americans and Latinos.

AMCHA Initiative has compiled published sources of students feeling harassed and intimidated on campus. You may see their quotes HERE.

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