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5/2/18 – SJP released a statement to the community that denigrated Zionists on campus, denied Jews self-determination as well as demonized and delegitimized Israel. The statement said, “Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is and will always be against Zionism…Zionism is the creation of a Jewish state on top of the pre-existing Palestinian state, and maintaining such a state. Zionism started in Europe and was a political ideology created by European Jews to ‘come back’ to land which they have no physical claim to for over 2,000 years. This ideology is no different from White Man’s Burden or Manifest Destiny, which are all the justifications of colonialism and imperialism…We will always stand against any Zionist group, and to eradicate this practice, just like any other form of racism, we will fight against it. If MSA held programs in favor of ISIS, we would be the first ones to protest them…Israel is no different from apartheid South Africa, and the world came together to condemn apartheid and denominations of racism, ethnic cleansing, colonialism, and imperialism. Thus, why should Stony Brook University allow Israeli programs to be under the guise of interfaith?…In response to the quote mentioned from the community pledge to accept and respect the identity of students, we ask the university: if there were Nazis, white nationalists, and KKK members on campus, would their identity have to be accepted and respected? Absolutely not. Then why would we respect the views of Zionists? Regarding our statement about wanting a proper Jewish organization, any proper organization regardless of religion, should not prescribe to any denomination of racism, colonialism, or imperialism, including Zionism… we want to send a message to Chaplain Sanaa Nadim. You have reached a heinous level of betrayal to the Palestinian people by working with and aiding Zionists on their endeavors. For 3 years we have been on this campus, you have…helped Hillel normalize their Zionist agenda…We will work tirelessly to ensure that Stony Brook University’s MSA has a chaplain that properly represents the Palestinian liberation movement….Now, to the student body, we implore you to rise up and take part in demonstrations with us, express your qualms for states that are killing our people, and always fight for the right of the indigenous against these oppressive regimes. Together, we can create a domino effect to ensure Zionism is an extinct ideology.”
4/22/18 – An article in the school paper covering an SJP protest of an Israel Independence Day celebration quoted an SJP member stating, “I think we’re past that point of conversation…peace cannot truly be achieved until Israel is out of the region and out of Palestine. We want Zionism off this campus, so we want Hillel off this campus. What we want is a proper Jewish organization that allows Jews to express their faith, have sabbath – everything like that, that are not Zionists, that doesn’t support Israel.”
4/19/18 – SJP protested across from an Israel display on campus with chants of “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free.” SJP justified the protest by saying, “We will always protest Zionism and the terrorist state of Israel! Join us and rid this campus of Zionism!” Signs held included, “Displacing people since ’48, Israel is an apartheid state!” as well as “People of the third world unite against Zionism…”
5/2/17 – SJP published a statement condemning Stony Brook University MSA for collaborating with “Zionist Hillel” on an event to benefit Syrian refugees, saying, “The MSA could have done a Syria fundraiser by themselves, but still with our club informing them, decided to work with the Zionist group.” The statement continues, “We believe that Zionism should not be on campus…Zionism is a racist nationalistic ideology which has led to genocide, ethnic cleansing, military aggression, apartheid etc. MSA has shown that they do not believe in boycotting or divesting from Zionism.” The statement pulls various quotes from SJP members in New York, with one saying, “As an active Muslim member of MSA at CUNY, I believe it is our duty as Muslims to condemn any forms of collaboration with Zionist organizations. These associations brainwash us into thinking that the discrimination and ethnic cleansing of an indigenous population is justified”.
11/8/17 – SJP members held signs on campus reading “Zionism is Terrorism,” “Displacing Lives since ’48, Israel is an Apartheid State,” “Justice we Demand, No Peace on Stolen Land,” and “Stop the Killing, Stop the Hate, Israel is an Apartheid State!”
BDS ACTIVITY: BDS EVENT 10/25/16 – SJP held the event “What is BDS?”


In the News ?

May 7, 2018: The Algemeiner – SJP at Stony Brook University Vows to ‘Eradicate’ Zionism, Oppose Hillel Following Criticism From Jewish, Muslim and Christian Groups

April 22, 2018: The Statesman – Anti-Zionist activists protest Israeli Independence Day celebration

March 5, 2015: The Stony Brook Press – Banksy in Gaza: Discovering a New Destination (Description note, “Banksy is now attempting to raise awareness about the Palestinian territory of Gaza.  He posted a photo of a carnival swing ride attached to a surveillance tower, with the caption, ‘Gaza is often described as the world’s largest open air prison because no-one is allowed to enter or leave.  But that seems a bit unfair to prisons – they don’t have their electricity and drinking water cut off randomly almost every day.’”)


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