Academic Boycott News and Views

Title Publication Date
MLA Votes to ‘Refrain’ From Backing Israel Boycott Inside Higher Ed June 15, 2017
Modern Language Association members pass ANTI-BDS resolution by 2-1 margin Legal Insurrection June 14, 2017
Joint Papers With U.S. and Israeli Authors Increase Inside Higher Ed December 7, 2016
Middle East Scholars Group Moves to Delete “Nonpolitical” From Bylaws Inside Higher Ed November 21, 2016
Middle East Studies Professors Back Antisemitic BDS Campaign The Algemeiner November 15, 2016
University Leaders Should Speak against BDS Disinvestment The Times of Israel November 11, 2016
Middle East Studies Profs Back Anti-Semitic BDS Campaign The Jerusalem Post November 3, 2016
BDS is a blow to academic freedom The Times of Israel November 2, 2016
BDS by Stealth: Intimidation Is the Israel Boycott’s New Tactic Haaretz September 7, 2016
Israel boycott row ‘destroying relationships’ in US universities SPME August 31, 2016
Boycotting Israel goes against basic principles of academia, says Secretary of Smithsonian The Jerusalem Post June 9, 2016
Anthropology Group Won’t Boycott Israel Inside Higher Ed June 7, 2016
American Anthropological Association rejects BDS resolution The Jerusalem Post June 7, 2016
Report: 20 Israeli academics encourage anthropology association’s boycott of Israel May 26, 2016
“Anti-Israel,” a Camouflage Platform for “Anti-Semitism:” Anti-BDS Legislation is Wholly Constitutional The National Law Review May 19, 2016
BDS: Boycotting Academic Freedom Spiked May 4, 2016
Lawsuit targets American Studies Association’s stance on Israel academic boycott Inside Higher Ed April 21, 2016
Islamists behind American BDS movement exposed at congressional hearing Legal Insurrection April 20, 2016
Former Treasury Official: Same Network That Funded Hamas in U.S. Backs Boycotts of Israel The Tower April 20, 2016
4 profs sue American Studies Association over Israel boycott Jewish Telegraphic Agency April 20, 2016
Former Harvard President Larry Summers Calls BDS Efforts ‘Deplorable’ The Algemeiner January 20, 2016
AAU Board Reaffirms Opposition to Israel Boycott Association of American Universities January 14, 2016
Historian Group Rejects a Resolution Condemning Israel The New York Times January 9, 2016
American Historical Association to Consider Anti-Israel Resolution Legal Insurrection January 6, 2016
At the Forefront of the Fight against BDS: Eleven Questions for Prof. William A. Jacobson December 20, 2015
Landmark UAW International Ruling Rejects Local UAW 2865 BDS Resolution Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers December 16, 2015
sraeli university presidents urge American academic group to drop boycott plans StarTribune December 15, 2015
BDS and Campus Politics: A Bad Romance Inside Higher ED December 14, 2015
We must defeat BDS macro-aggression The Times of Israel December 9, 2015
Israeli academics critical of American Anthropological Association boycott report Times Higher Education December 8, 2015
Those Israel Boycotts Are Illegal The Wall Street Journal December 1, 2015
U.S. Women’s Studies Group Votes to Join BDS Movement Haaretz December 1, 2015
Should Your Child Go To A College Whose Faculty Supports The Anti-Semitic Boycott Against Israel? The Jerusalem Post November 30, 2015
For the Women’s Studies Association, the BDS Vote Was Over Before It Began Forward November 30, 2015
NWSA Recommendations 2015 include BDS Recommendation with 88.4% of votes cast in favor National Women’s Studies Association November 27, 2015
Report: BDS on American Campuses: SJP and its NGO Network NGO Monitor November 22, 2015
US Anthropologists Call for Boycotting Israeli Academia Based on Extremely Hostile Report The Jewish Press November 22, 2015
US anthropological group votes to boycott Israeli universities The Jerusalem Post November 21, 2015
Boycott Debates: At American Anthropological Association meeting, scholars prepare to vote on a resolution calling for the group to boycott Israeli universities. Inside Higher ED November 20, 2015
ALERT: Faculty Association anti-Israel Boycott season has started
(Description note, “The academic year in progress features several Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) resolutions to boycott Israeli universities by major academic professional organizations, as well as preparatory boycott activity to lead up to votes in future years. Here is the schedule, in chronological order, based upon what we now know:
1. National Women’s Studies Association (Boycott Resolution Voting Now through Nov. 25).
2. American Anthropological Association (Denver, November 20)(Boycott Resolution Vote)
3. Middle East Studies Association (Denver, November 21-24, 2015)(Boycott Activity)
4. American Historical Association (Atlanta, January 7-10, 2016)(Boycott Resolution Vote)
5. Modern Language Association (Austin, TX, January 7-10, 2016)(Boycott Activity)”)
The Denver Post November 17, 2015
Guest Commentary: Israel “boycott, divestment and sanctions” movement comes to Denver The Denver Post November 17, 2015
Faculty and BDS The Jerusalem Post October 27, 2015
Israel Vivl Rights Group Files Complaint Against Labor Union Engaged in Israel Boycott Breitbart October 15, 2015
Boycott Israel? Faculty caught up in BDS dispute J Weekly October 15, 2015
Israel boycott being considered by large academic group with scant experience in Palestine The College Fix October 14, 2015
Anthropologists Weigh BDS Moves Against Israel Forward October 12, 2015
US Anthropologists’ Association Recommends Some Sanctions Against Israeli Academia Haaretz October 12, 2015
Final Report: Task Force on AAA Engagement on Israel-Palestine
(Description note – report hints at Israeli actions comparable to the Holocaust, “”Throughout, we see a tragic instance of victims of one of the most egregious instances of nationalism / colonialism creating a system of oppression with echoes of the very system they had managed to escape.”)
American Anthropological Association October 6, 2015
Academic Boycotts and Beyond
(Description note, “A task force charged with recommending how the American Anthropological Association (AAA) should respond to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has outlined a range of possible actions the group can take, from issuing a statement censuring the Israeli government — a step the task force supports but considers to be, by itself, insufficient — to boycotting Israeli universities.”)
Inside Higher ED October 6, 2015
The Anti-Semitic BDS Campaigns on Campus:What is Their Impact? The Jerusalem Post August 25, 2015
Boycotting Israeli Academic Institutions: Advice for Anthropologists
(Description note, “We are campaigning for the American Anthropological Association (AAA) to endorse and adopt the academic boycott. This boycott would require the AAA as an organization not to collaborate with Israeli academic institutions… Over 1,100 anthropologists have already pledged to boycott Israeli academic institutions in their individual capacities.”)
Jadaliyya July 20, 2015
Why universities need a definition of anti-Semitism July 2, 2015
Prejudice comes in many forms The Sacramento Bee June 27, 2015
BDS is part of a long history of anti-Semitic boycotts Pittsburgh Post-Gazette June 17, 2015
Boycott-Divest-Sanctions on campus — Hillel prez says this is anti-Semitism The Jewish World June 17, 2015
House launches move to condemn academic boycotts against Israel JTA June 17, 2015
BDS and Hamas: The New Partnership Gatestone Institute June 12, 2015
Profs abuse their positions to promote BDS: experts CJN June 8, 2015
Israel’s Allies in U.S. Challenge Boycott The New York Times June 5, 2015
Citing freedom of information, Brazil professor seeks list of Israelis on campus JTA June 5, 2015
The Insidious Marketing of the BDS Campaign The Algemeiner June 3, 2015
Israeli academics report signs of undeclared boycott targeting them Haaretz June 2, 2015
BDS is a threat to Israel’s very existence Ynetnews June 1, 2015
Cruz: Universities that boycott Israel should lose federal funding The Washington Post May 28, 2015
The common core of BDS and campus anti-Semitism The Hill May 27, 2015
ADL chief: BDS fosters campus anti- Semitism San Diego Jewish World May 1, 2015
Indiana House of Representatives Unanimously Passes House Resolution Supporting Israel, Denouncing BD AMCHA April 30, 2015
What BDS really wants: A one-state solution, minus the Jewish state SPME April 30, 2015
Late semester sees big campus BDS push, new tactics; anti-BDS opposition advances at state and Federal levels but new BDS front opened in state bar association SPME April 29, 2015
HOUSE RESOLUTION No. 59 AMCHA April 30, 2015
Pro-Israel effort to combat BDS on U.S. state level gains steam April 23, 2015
Tennessee General Assembly becomes first state legislature to condemn BDS April 21, 2015
National Association of Chicana and Chicano Studies Annual Conference Endorses Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions Jadaliyya April 19, 2015
BDS is not just anti-Semitic, it is racist The Jerusalem Post April 5, 2015
SPME BDS Monitor: Active University BDS Scene Prompts Questions About Anti-Semitism The Algemeiner April 1, 2015
L.A. conference looks at strategies to beat back BDS J Weekly March 26, 2015
Anti-Israel boycotters tighten grip on American Studies Association Haaretz March 20, 2015
The American Studies Association doubles down on anti-Israel lunacy The Washington Post March 16, 2015
Anti-Israel boycotters tighten grip on American Studies Association Legal Insurrection March 15, 2015
StandWithUs anti-BDS conference set for Los Angeles Jweekly March 12, 2015
Anti-Israel BDS movement is fashionable in academia, but far from invincible Heritage Florida Jewish News February 27, 2015
Forging Solidarity, Taking a Stand on Palestine (Aims to open up discussion on academic boycott within Association of American Geographers) Geog Boycott February 21, 2016
BDS and the Dilemma of Jewish Liberal Academics Mida February 19, 2015
Radicals Strap Suicide Belt on MESA Commentary February 17, 2015
The case against academic boycotts of Israel Jewish Journal February 16, 2015
Presidential Statement on 2014 Resolution Middle East Studies Association February 13, 2015
South African BDS Supporters Want to Expel Jews from Their University Mosaic February 13, 2015
The rising tide of BDS on California’s campuses Haaretz February 13, 2015
Darst: Fighting academia’s anti-Semitism Boston Herald February 8, 2015
BDS Remains a Serious Issue on College Campuses and Elsewhere The Algemeiner February 2, 2015
Referendum Ballot on 2014 Resolution (Description Note: MESA Referendum Ballot on BDS accepting votes until Feb 9, 2014. Is Expected to Pass) Middle East Studies Association January 30, 2015
Anti-Israel BDS movement is fashionable in academia, but far from invincible JNS January 28, 2015
How BDS failed in the American Historical Association The Times of Israel January 26, 2015
A message from American Jewry: BDS is a real threat, not paranoia The Jerusalem Post January 24, 2015
Cary Nelson: ‘Ignorance’ fuels calls for Israel boycott Times Higher Education January 22, 2015
More colleges under pressure to divest, though effect is debatable Los Angeles Times January 21, 2015
Anti-Israel Boycotters Lost at Modern Language Association, but Claim Victory Anyway Legal Insurrection January 17, 2015
Language academics defer resolution on Israel boycott for two years The Jerusalem Post January 12, 2015
Amidst Anti-Semitic Rhetoric, BDS Defeated In Prominent Academic Organization JPUpdates January 12, 2015
When to Take a Stand Inside Higher Ed January 12, 2015
Modern Language Assoc postpones anti-Israel boycott vote until 2017 Legal Insurrection January 10, 2015
Historical association won’t support resolutions condemning Israel Jweekly January 8, 2015
BDS Dealt Major Blow by Academic Group The Washington Free Beacon January 5, 2015
American Historical Association rejects Israel boycott i24 News January 5, 2015
Scholars’ Effort to Condemn Israel Fails The New York Times January 5, 2015
Historians Skirt Anti-Israel Votes Inside Higher Ed January 5, 2015
US academic group keeps anti-Israel motions off annual conference agenda The Jerusalem Post January 5, 2015
American Historical Association rejects vote on anti-Israel resolutions JTA January 5, 2015
Anti-Israel Resolutions Fail at American Historical Association The Jewish Press January 5, 2015
American Historical Association rejects anti-Israel Resolutions Legal Insurrection January 4, 2015
The BDS bugaboo TLV1 January 2, 2015
On College Campuses, Semester Ends With Big BDS Push The Algemeiner January 1, 2015
US academic org ushers in new year with anti-Israel vote The Times of Israel January 1, 2015
Important message from the UC Student Association (UCSA) Board Chair Kevin Sabo regarding moving discussion on BDS to Feb 7-8 Board Meeting at UCLA USCA STATEMENT December 31, 2014
The year BDS became the number one concern for American Jews Haaretz December 27, 2014
BDS Debate Scrapped For Modern Language Association’s January Assembly College Fix December 26, 2014
New book examines movement to boycott Israeli scholars, universities News Bureau | University of Illinois December 24, 2014
Grad Students Vs. Teamsters: Anti-Israel Resolution Angers Blue-Collar Workers College Fix December 24, 2014
U. Illinois Faculty Committee fails to call for Steven Salaita position restoration Legal Insurrection December 23, 2014
MLA Will Discuss How to Deal With Controversial Issues Inside Higher Ed December 22, 2014
‘Eviction notice’ for Israel on US campuses Ynet News December 22, 2014
Unmasking BDS: Radical Roots, Extremist Ends Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs December 22, 2014
Expert: BDS May Become a Political Movement in America Arutz Sheva December 21, 2014
Academic boycotts The Jerusalem Post December 21, 2014
Historians’ Agenda Does Not Include Israel Boycott Inside Higher Ed December 15, 2014
Why We Lost to BDS and 3 Ways To Win Next Time The Jewish Daily Forward December 15, 2014
UC grad students endorse Israel divestment by 30 point margin Jewish Journal December 10, 2014
American Anthropological Assoc. votes down motion opposing boycott of Israel JTA December 9, 2014
BDS Movement Survives Challenge Inside Higher Ed December 8, 2014
Academic Boycotters of Israel Can’t Hide from Their Unlawful Discrimination National Review Online December 5, 2014
Anthropologists and Israel Inside Higher Ed December 5, 2014
Martin Kramer says boycott fever has seized the Middle East Studies Association History News Network December 4, 2014
UAW2865 Votes 65% Yes to Boycott Israel UC Student-Workers Union Local 2865 December 4, 2014
BDS Bait & Switch Detroit Jewish News December 4, 2014
The hypocrisy of academic boycott Israel Hayom December 4, 2014
AJC: Israel boycotters should forfeit federal funds San Diego Jewish World December 3, 2014
Messy politics at the Middle East Studies Association The Jerusalem Post December 3, 2014
UAW 2865 Members Oppose the BDS Movement New University December 3, 2014
Over 120 Leading University of California Academics Mobilize Against Forthcoming BDS Ballot (VIDEO) The Algemeiner December 3, 2014
Boycott Fever at MESA Commentary December 3, 2014
The Great Jewish American Liberal Academic Anti-Anti-Zionist Freak-Out Tablet Mag December 2, 2014
University heads partner with Hillel International to combat academic boycotts The Jerusalem Post December 2, 2014
Labor activists to UC students: End Israel now California Watchdog December 2, 2014
Vote for peace: Vote no on BDS
The Daily Californian December 1, 2014
How to fight the academic boycott more effectively The Jerusalem Post December 1, 2014
Union-led BDS Campaign at University of California Accused of ‘Discrimination’ as December 4 Vote Nears The Algemeiner November 28, 2014
Evil spirit taking over Middle Eastern studies Breaking Israel News November 27, 2014
The Case Against Academic Boycotts of Israel Divest This! November 26, 2014
The Ivory Tower’s Nazification of Israel The Jewish Voice November 26, 2014
Fired Anti-Israel Professor Receives Standing Ovation at Middle East Studies Conference The Algemeiner November 26, 2014
Middle East Studies Association Members Defend Boycotts of Israel The Chronicle of Higher Education November 25, 2014
Taking on Anti-Israel Discrimination, Again ACLJ November 25, 2014
MESA Academics Endorse Freedom To Boycott Israel Hamodia November 25, 2014
MESA Members Vote on 2014 Resolution Middle East Studies Association (Arizona State University) November 24, 2014
Middle East Studies Association Fights a Rising Tide of Critics The Chronicle of Higher Education November 24, 2014
Dismantling the Case for Academic Boycotts of Israel (REVIEW) The Algemeiner November 23, 2014
Feminists for Justice in Palestine Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel November 21, 2014
U.C. student workers debate union’s BDS proposal J Weekly November 20, 2014
Do not submit to Europe Israel Hayom November 18, 2014
A Tale of Two Green Lines The Chronicle of Higher Education November 17, 2014
The un-boycott: universities active in occupied territory The Washington Post November 17, 2014
The Ivory Tower’s attempt to Nazify Jews San Diego Jewish World November 16, 2014
The Ivory Tower’s attempt to Nazify Jews San Diego Jewish World November 16, 2014
The Ignorance of the Boycott Brigade spiked November 14, 2014
Princeton Professors Open New Front in Campus Battle Over Israel November 14, 2014
Israel Boycott Controversy Continues at Fordham University Terrorism Headlines November 14, 2014
Plenary: The Imperial Politics of Nation-States: U.S., Israel, and Palestine National Women’s Studies Association November 14, 2014
Over 300 Anthropologists Oppose a Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions American Anthropological Association November 14, 2014
A year after passing boycott, ASA still obsessed with Israel Start-Up Israel – The Times of Israel November 13, 2014
ASA conference revisits the boycott of Israeli institutions Jewish Journal November 12, 2014
Want global security and international justice? Boycott! The Jerusalem Post November 12, 2014
UAW 2865 BDS Caucus Panel Discussion Bds Caucus Youtube Channel November 12, 2014
One year after boycott vote, American Studies Association remains divided over Israel Haaretz November 12, 2014
BDS Debate Still Roils American Studies Group The Jewish Daily Forward November 11, 2014
Doherty: Boycott of Israel brings shame on U.S. academics Boston Herald November 11, 2014
One year after boycott vote, Israel issue still divides ASA JTA November 11, 2014
More Than the Boycott Inside Higher Ed November 10, 2014
Intolerance for dissenting boycott views at American Studies annual meeting Legal Insurrection November 7, 2014
A Boycott’s ‘Aftermath’ Inside Higher Ed November 7, 2014
The Herd of Independent Minds Mosaic Magazine November 5, 2014
New Book Released: “The Case Against Academic Boycotts of Israel” The Jewish Voice November 5, 2014
Op-Ed: The Israel boycott that backfired LA Times November 5, 2014
Myths and Facts About American Campuses #4 Faculty play no role in promoting Israel denial on campus The Jerusalem Post November 5, 2014
Beyond BDS: The ASA annual conference hosting anti-Israeli sentiments November 3, 2014
A Smoke Screen for Palestine-Pushers Commentary Magazine November 3, 2014
Is BDS Anti-Semitic? Inside Higher Ed November 3, 2014
The ASA Says ‘No Israelis Need Apply’ The Algemeiner November 3, 2014
Hotels must say “NO” to anti-Israeli discrimination at academic conferences Legal Insurrection November 2, 2014
The Case Against Academic Boycotts of Israel History News Network November 2, 2014
Ruth King: The BDS Movement- An Orwellian Campaign to Destroy Israel Ruthfully Yours November 1, 2014
Scrutiny of American Studies group’s over boycott of Israel Heritage Florida Jewish News October 31, 2014
Scrutiny of American Studies group’s over boycott of Israel Heritage Florida Jewish News October 31, 2014
William A. Jacobson: Unfairly singling out Israelis
Orange County Register October 31, 2014
Haifa University to test parameters of ASA boycott The Times of Israel October 30, 2014
ADL finds increased anti-Israel activity on college campuses J Weekly October 30, 2014
As I See It: The academic intifada The Jerusalem Post October 30, 2014
The ASA’s Stunning Hypocrisy on Israel Boycott The Algemeiner October 29, 2014
BDS shifts back to campus with secret investigation of anti-BDS faculty member, BDS resolution votes. American Studies Association partially backs down from BDS after lawsuit threats. European boycott threats and anti-Israel violence continue  Scholars for Peace in the Middle East October 29, 2014
Israel university will confront ASA boycott in LA The Washington Post October 29, 2014
ADL Reports Dramatic Rise in Anti-Israel Activity on U.S. Campuses This Fall Anti-Defamation League October 27, 2014
CUNY is no place for BDS movement’s hate October 26, 2014
American Studies Group Receives Renewed Scrutiny Over Israel Boycott The Algemeiner October 23, 2014
A Sane Face on an Old Insanity The Chronicle of Higher Education October 23, 2014
American Studies group receives renewed scrutiny over boycott of Israel 5 Towns Jewish Times October 22, 2014
Petition to the American Historical Association RE: Gaza, Islamic University’s Oral History Center (deadline 31 October 2014) PACBI October 21, 2014
United States Against Sweatshops Endorses BDS Labor for Palestine (U.S.) October 20, 2014
The ASA Neuters Its Own Boycott Minding the Campus October 20, 2014
Clarifying or Waffling? Inside Higher Ed October 20, 2014
ASA pretends to partially drop Israel boycott Washington Post October 18, 2014
Defending the Jewish Community on Campus The Times of Israel October 18, 2014
Blurred Lines: Anti-Semitism vs. Anti-Israel New York Observer October 17, 2014
Event at LA Westin hotel restricts participation by Israelis Washington Post October 17, 2014
Will Westin Bonaventure permit anti-Israel discrimination on its premises? Legal Insurrection October 14, 2014
Left-Wing Anti-Semitism Has Consequences National Review Online October 14, 2014
ACLJ Urges California Company To Reject Planned Boycott Of Israeli Academics And Academic Institutions Or Face Possible Legal Action American Center for Law & Justice October 14, 2014
Westin Bonaventure Letter American Center for Law & Justice October 13, 2014
Penn State students sentenced for vandalizing Jewish frat JTA October 12, 2014
The lunatic ‘academic boycott’ of Israel New York Post October 12, 2014
Why we published ‘The Case Against Academic Boycotts of Israel’ Spero News October 12, 2014
Offline: People to People The Lancet October 11, 2014
Over 500 Ivy League Anthropologists Join the Boycott Israel Bandwagon The Jewish Voice October 7, 2014
200 Anthropologists Endorse Israel Boycott Inside Higher Ed October 2, 2014
500 Mideast scholars call for academic embargo of Israeli institutions The Jerusalem Post October 2, 2014
Statement: Over 250 Anthropologists Join Call for a Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions Jadaliyya October 1, 2014
Increase Academic Freedom by connecting to Israeli Universities The Daily Californian September 30, 2014
Anti-Israel academic boycotters rig debate at American Anthropological Association Legal Insurrection September 28, 2014
The academic boycott debate – The ‘Israeli exception’ University World News September 26, 2014
620 academics sign anti-BDS petition The Times of Israel September 22, 2014
‘Petition to Oppose Boycotts of Israel’s Academic Institutions, Scholars, and Students’ The Weekly Standard September 18, 2014
Letter from the President Middle East Studies Association September 15, 2014
Letter to the AAA from the Israeli Anthropological Association Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (Originally published Aug 28 by IAA) September 10, 2014
Academic watchdog lists professors who have called for boycott of Israel JNS September 3, 2014
AMCHA to students: Be wary of anti-Israel professors San Diego Jewish World September 3, 2014
How the Gaza War Has Affected the BDS Movement Algemeiner September 1, 2014
A Pro-Hamas Left Emerges The American Interest August 26, 2014
An Academic Union Mobilizes Against Israel Times of Israel August 24, 2014
Boycott Boycotts Inside Higher Education August 24, 2014
Boycott Battles Ahead Inside Higher Ed August 19, 2014
The “Histornians” Confront Israel Minding the Campus August 19, 2014
Letter warns U.C. president of union’s ‘anti-Israel propaganda’ J Weekly August 14, 2014
Historians Urge President to Change Policy on Israel-Palestine (Letter) History News Network August 13, 2014
Eight locals among Mideast scholars calling for Israel academic boycott J Weekly August 7, 2014
Middle East Scholars Endorse Academic Boycott of Israel Inside Higher Ed August 7, 2014
American-Studies Group Calls for Withdrawal of Support From Israel SPME (Re-post from Chronicle of Higher Education) August 6, 2014
London wants Napolitano to intervene in BDS debate San Diego Jewish World July 24, 2014
Will Hobart College continue to allow anti-Israel faculty boycott group HQ on campus? Legal Insurrection July 24, 2014
Critical Ethnic Studies Association has endorsed a boycott of Israel — including Israeli universities Inside Highered July 21, 2014
Fighting the academic boycott effort one delegation at a time Jerusalem Post July 19, 2014
Boycott Calls Against Israel – Part II: The Committee of University Heads Moves on BDS – Role of Israeli Academics Israel Academia Monitor July 14, 2014
Boycott Calls Against Israel – Part I: The Committee of Universities Heads Moves on BDS Israel Academia Monitor July 10, 2014
Israeli NGO quits BDS case against Sydney academic JTA July 10, 2014
Israeli University Heads Establish Forum to Counter Academic Boycott Jerusalem Post July 7, 2014
The Worst Campus Anti-Semitic Incidents of 2013-2014 Louis D. Brandeis Center July 2, 2014
Activists Hijacking Feminism to Attack Israel at Women’s Studies Association Meeting Breitbart June 30, 2014
Towards an Informed AAA Position on Israel-Palestine American Anthropology Association June 27, 2014
RUDEE: Let’s Boycott Hypocrisy Truth Revolt June 17, 2014
The Case for Israel and Academic Freedom Frontpage Mag June 17, 2014
Middle East Conflict, U.S. Campuses Inside HigherEd June 17, 2014
BDS Update: The Modern Language Association Resolution Failure – a Moral Victory Israel Academia Monitor June 16, 2014
Sussex Union rejects Israel boycott (Academic and Cultural Boycott) The June 6, 2014
Modern Language Assn. members reject BDS San Diego Jewish World June 4, 2014
Modern Language Assoc does not ratify anti-Israel resolution Legal Insurrection June 4, 2014
MLA Professors Pushing Anti-Israel Resolution Also Happen to be Really Anti-Semitic Frontpage Mag May 28, 2014
Professors Engage in Anti-Semitic Rhetoric on Secret Listserv Washington Free Beacon May 28, 2014
Message Board Shows Modern Language Association Academics Based Israel Boycott on Anti-Semitic Tropes The Algemeiner May 22, 2014
‘Zionist Attack Dogs’? The MLA’s Debate on Israel Might Go Viral The Chronicle of Higher Education May 21, 2014
Source for Newsweek’s ‘Dreyfus Affair’ Article Accusing Israel of Spying on U.S. Also Supported Anti-Israel ASA Boycott The Algemeiner May 9, 2014
US academic group begins vote on anti-Israel resolution The Times of Israel April 28, 2014
MLA vote: Will bias beat scholarship? Times of Israel April 23, 2014
American Studies Assoc pulls Institutional Membership list from Quarterly Publication Legal Insurrection April 16, 2014
Penn State Harrisburg Eastern American Studies Association Statement on the ASA Boycott Resolution Penn State Harrisburg April 11, 2014
Action Needed: Illinois legislature set to address academic boycotts of Israel JUF News March 28, 2014
Despite limited practical impact, BDS producing apprehension for pro-Israel academics JNS March 23, 2014
Israel Vote Goes Forward Inside Higher Ed March 14, 2014
Boycotting Israel’s Universities Is Wrong Huffington Post March 13, 2014
Why Shouldn’t We Defund the Boycotters? Commentary Magazine March 11, 2014
Israel supporters say they were shut out of conference at NYU My Foxy March 7, 2014
Another pro-BDS academic conference at CUNY Elder of Ziyon March 7, 2014
NYU and the Israeli boycott NY Post March 7, 2014
Pro-Boycott Israel Figures Judith Butler and Rashid Khalidi Push Back Jewish Daily Forward March 7, 2014
NYU Conference: An Academic Lynching Behind Closed Doors The Algemeiner March 3, 2014
From UCLA to NYU, BDS Supporters Struggle With Dialogue The New York Observer March 2, 2014
Guest column by Michale Goldberger | Action for academic freedom The Daily Pennsylvanian February 26, 2014
California Chapter of ASA refuses to apply anti-Israel academic boycott Legal Insurrection February 25, 2014
BDS debate: A tale of two universities Jewish Journal February 19, 2014
US Professors Join Scarlett Johansson in Rejecting Israel Boycotts Israel Today February 18, 2014
Legislating Against BDS The Algemeiner February 17, 2014
Israeli universities thank U.S. counterparts for fighting academic boycott Jewish and Israel news February 14, 2014
NY lawmakers fault boycott of Israeli universities The Wall Street Journal February 13, 2014
A&M Co-Sponsoring Conference Supporting Boycott of Branch Campuses in Israel WTAW February 13, 2014
Ray Kelly shout-down and anti-Israel academic boycott have something in common Legal Insurrection February 12, 2014
Boycott of Israeli schools puts UT, A&M in awkward spot The Dallas Morning News February 12, 2014
Israeli University Leaders Thank Americans Who Oppose Boycott Inside Higher Ed February 12, 2014
New Princeton program subject to American Studies Assn Israel boycott Legal Insurrection February 11, 2014
Professor Strips Thesis of Judith Butler, Calls for RDS -‘Retractions and Disavowels in Scholarship’- to oppose BDS The Algemeiner February 11, 2014
Israel boycott sparks campus debate The Brown Daily Herald February 10, 2014
Another Anti-Boycott Bill, This One in Congress Inside Higher Ed February 7, 2014
AMCHA praises anti-BDS efforts in Congress San Diego Jewish World February 7, 2014
Klein, Rivera clash over Israel boycott bill The Riverdale Press February 6, 2014
House bill would defund colleges that back Israel boycotters Jewish Telegraphic Agency February 6, 2014
Boycotters of Israel attempt to monopolize a meeting, again Jewish and Israel news February 6, 2014
AJC applauds withdrawal of anti-boycott bill San Diego Jewish World February 5, 2014
NY Times condemns anti-academic boycott legislation, but not academic boycott Legal Insurrection February 4, 2014
Assembly Withdraws Bill to Limit Anti-Israel Boycotts The New York Times February 4, 2014
Homophobic, Racist, Sexist, ‘Take Xanax’: Reactions To My Open Letter To NYU’s President On ASA’s Israel Boycott Forbes February 4, 2014
With All the Boycott Israel Talk, What Is BDS? New Republic February 2, 2014
The Pro-Israel Backlash to Anti-Israel Activity Continues The Jewish Press January 31, 2014
Philadelphia City Council condemns anti-Israel academic boycott Legal Insurrection January 31, 2014
New York Senate bill ends funding to schools linked to Israel boycott group The Jerusalem Post January 29, 2014
Against Boycotts and More Inside Higher Ed January 27, 2014
Professor labels American Studies Association boycott of Israeli academia ‘anti-semitic’ Campus Reform January 24, 2014
Let the BDS Movement Be a Warning Frontpage Mag January 23, 2014
Op-Ed: Rampaging minority politicized MLA conference Jewish Telegraphic Agency January 21, 2014
134 members of US Congress denounce ASA’s Israel boycott The Jerusalem Post January 19, 2014
The ASA, NYU, and the Shame of Academia Commentary Magazine January 16, 2014
MLA votes to criticize, but not boycott, Israel The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California January 16, 2014
Forbes Investigative Journalist Rips NYU President Over ‘Vanilla’ Response to ASA Boycott The Algemeiner January 15, 2014
UK and U of L Presidents Oppose Academic Boycott of Israel The Daily Californian January 15, 2014
Napolitano and Dirks among officials opposing academic boycott of Israeli institutions The Daily Californian January 14, 2014
DeGioia Rejects Israeli Academic Boycott The Hoya January 14, 2014
Another Approach Inside Higher Ed January 14, 2014
MLA: No Boycott, But Censure of Israel for Alleged Curbs on U.S. Scholars The Jewish Daily Forward January 14, 2014
Open Letter To NYU’s President: Why The American Studies Assn.’s Israel Boycott Makes Me Ashamed To Be An Alumnus Forbes January 14, 2014
Employment Law Firm: Drop American Studies Assn membership or risk Title VII liability Legal Insurrection January 14, 2014
Has your Rep signed Congressional letter against Israel academic boycott? Legal Insurrection January 14, 2014
American studies rejects Israel boycott The Daily Tar Heel January 14, 2014
Boycotters on the couch The Jerusalem Post January 13, 2014
US rights group backs academic boycott of Israel In Read more: US rights group backs academic boycott of Israel The Times of Israel January 13, 2014
NU issues statement to reject American Studies Association’s Israeli boycott Daily Nebraskan January 13, 2014
SU rejects ASA boycott against Israeli universities The Daily Orange January 13, 2014
Pinto: ASA boycott will probably backfire The Daily Northwestern January 13, 2014
Paper missiles The Cavalier Daily January 13, 2014
Taking Israel to Task Inside Higher Ed January 13, 2014
MLA Delegates Narrowly Approve Controversial Resolution on Israel The Chronicle of Higher Education January 13, 2014
The Modern Language Association – The Future of Academic Boycott Is Here? Israel Academia Monitor January 13, 2014
News & Notes: University rejects ASA participation in academic boycott of Israel The Daily Princetonian January 12, 2014
MLA Moderator Supported Academic Boycott of Israel The Algemeiner January 12, 2014
MLA academics condemn, but won’t boycott Israel The Jerusalem Post January 12, 2014
MLA Lays the Groundwork for Promoting Punishment of Israel American Thinker January 12, 2014
Shurat Hadin criticized for threatening to sue ASA over Israel boycott The Jerusalem Post January 12, 2014
Modern Language Assn split verdict: Adopts watered-down Israel visa resolution, rejects pro-ASA boycott resolution Legal Insurrection January 11, 2014
WJC-United States condemns academic body for anti-Israel resolution World Jewish Congress January 11, 2014
Another Academic Group Considers Israel Censure The New York Times January 11, 2014
The ASA’s Israel Boycott National Review January 11, 2014
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Technician January 10, 2014
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The New York Times December 26, 2013
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Miami Herald December 26, 2013
Academic Heal Thyself
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Tablet Magazine December 26, 2013
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JNS December 20, 2013
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Philadelphia City Council Condemns Arab Boycott Against Israel Jewish Telegraphic Agency July 22, 1965